Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paeton's 1st Day Home Sick :(

Paeton started to feel sick on Sunday while I was out shopping with my friend Kate. She had lots of gooey junk in her nose, she was coughing and she felt warm. I kept checking her temperature and by 4pm it was over 101 so I called her doctor. Fortunately he was the pediatrician on call that day - I know I should trust all the doctors in his practice but something just feels better about it being her own 'ya know? He called me right back and told me how much tylenol to give her and what other types of things to do. I felt better about things after he and I talked especially since this was her first time being sick with a cold.

I stayed home from work that Monday with her being that she was up all night coughing and her temp was still really high in the morning. I went into work in the morning just to check in with my boss and take some projects home. I assumed Paeton would sleep all day due to how she felt but that was not the case. She took a few short naps but that was it! She was so uncomfortable - she kept crying off and on and I just didn't know what to do! Ugh...I felt so sorry for her.

The next day she felt a lot better so I took her back to daycare. Each day she has gotten better and the gooey stuff in her nose has lessened :) Thank goodness - it's really gross!

Paeton and her daddy sleeping together on her first day home sick :(

Paeton after school this week making a funny face :)

Paeton playing in her bumbo chair while I make dinner.

Paeton just chillin' - and poppin' her collar :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lots to update...Paeton turns 3 months and meets all her cousins!

This update will start from last week, Tuesday. Paeton had her physical therapy appointment and did remarkably better from the previous visit. I was so proud of her! She's holding her head up wonderfully and looking both to the left and the right equally as much. It's so great to see her not favoring one side over the other. It's definitely working!

The next day, Wednesday August 20, Paeton turned 3 months! Jodi, Paeton and I headed to Children's Hospital to meet Dr.Kidder, an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist for children. He did a series of tests on Paeton to determine if she needed ear tubes. I guess I haven't mentioned yet on our blog that Paeton was born with a cleft palette, which essentially means that she doesn't have a roof to her mouth. This will be fixed by her plastic surgeon after she turns 1. Cleft palette patients have a high tendency of having frequent ear infections which is why we were going to the E,N,T specialist. Happily, we can report that no fluid was found in her ear and we don't need ear tubes as of right now...yeah!

This past weekend, we travelled to Oshkosh to visit with Jodi's brother Ryan, his wife Laura and their 3 children, Irelyn, Leo & Fern. This was Laura and the children's first time meeting Paeton and our first time meeting Fern. Fern and Paeton were born exactly 7 days apart, with Fern being the older one. It was so great to finally have the newborns together and able to bond. Also in attendance on Saturday, were Jodi's parents as well as Jodi's grandmother, known as "Gigi" to all the great grandkids of hers. We had a great day visiting with all.

Paeton at her 2nd physical therapy session at Children's Hospital.

Paeton turns 3 months and visits with Dr.Kidder.

Paeton and Daddy at the doctor's office.

Paeton ready to leave for school wearing a sweater that I wore when I was her age. My nana made it for me.

Irelyn holding and feeding Paeton this past weekend.

Irelyn behing a wonderful big cousin to Paeton.

Irelyn and her Uncle Jodi.

Fern sharing her 'pack n'play' with Paeton for a nap.

Grandma Karen hanging out with both her newborn grandchildren.

Gigi with all 4 of her great grandkids....(left to right) Leo (2), Irelyn (4), Fern (3 mos) & Paeton (3 mos). So cute!

Paeton with her 3 cousins all squished in one chair.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging out at the House!

Paeton has been getting so strong recently! We've been diligently working on tummy time every day to develop her neck muscles. We have a visit with the physical therapist tonight so we'll see what she says about her progress! I've been SO BUSY with work recently and sadly my boss's father just died last Friday. I had a bunch of co-workers over last night to make 400 (!) greeting cards for an event we're having tomorrow. They were entertaining P until Jodi got home - you'll see her smiles below :)

Paeton practicing tummy time...and watching t.v.!

Getting a little tired...but still really into her t.v. show!

Smiling big for my co-workers!
Vyvy (co-worker) was taunting her with a lollilop - she asked for one but mommy said no!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just saying hi!

Not too much to report this week so we're just saying hi to all our loved ones. Things are great with Paeton...she is growing like a weed, doing new things each day and overall such a happy baby. She's been sleeping through the night for 5 weeks now....a solid 8pm through 6am guaranteed each night! I give her extra kisses each morning for being such a great sleeper and allowing mommy and daddy to have a wonderful night's sleep.

We've started physical therapy at Children's Hospital after noticing some development issues with the left side of Paeton's neck. After only a week of extended periods of tummy time and bumbo chair time, she is a new girl! We're so proud of her progress and so happy we caught this issue early. I've included some pictures below of her first physical therapy session. Of course she's in her cute yoga pants and shortsleeve top for working out those muscles!

Getting ready to leave for school (day care!)

Leaving soon...but not before a big poop! Paeton definitely doesn't hide it when she's gotta go!

Paeton working hard at physical therapy - she LOVES her rings! Maybe she'll be a gymnast one day and compete at the Olympics! Go USA!

Paeton and her physical therapist focusing on tummy time and looking to the left.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BBQ Weekend!

Another fun weekend! We were super busy so it went by very quickly and unfortunately we were soon faced with the dreaded....SUNDAY NIGHT. Although I love my job, I always dread Sunday nights because I know Monday morning is right around the

Friday night, I had a scrapbooking girls night to attend with my friend power session of scrapbooking from 6-midnight with tons of yummy food and drinks. This was the first night of these scrapbooking sessions where I actually could enjoy an adult beverage! And it was Krista's first night where she couldn't...she's expecting and due in December. So exciting! Jodi and Paeton enjoyed some 'Daddy/Daughter' time and I came home at midnight exhausted!

Saturday, we had our Gymboree class in the morning and then my co-worker Alta's BBQ in the afternoon. Paeton sported her first two-piece bathing suit despite her Daddy's wishes. It was so cute!!!!

Sunday, we had another BBQ at my friend Alex's house. We surprised her boyfriend Josh with a party for his birthday and had a great time. Paeton looked like she was attending the derby in her new 'Flap Happy' super sun hat. Can't you tell I love all baby accessories including hats?!

The last picture below is from Monday morning...I had to include this. It was very rainy out as we were getting ready for school (that's what I call the daycare) and work. I remembered Paeton's rain boots that I had bought for her...although they were a little big I slipped them on while she was sitting in her bumbo chair. So adorable...everyone was cracking up when we arrived at her daycare. Yes...another unneccessary baby accessory that I just had to have!

My co-worker Lori's daughter holding Paeton in her two-piece on Saturday at Alta's 'Corn Roast'.

Baby P lookin' stylish :)

Out to lunch with mommy and daddy wearing her new sun hat.

At Alex's house sitting poolside with her daddy.

Paeton in her rain hat and rain boots getting ready to leave for school.