Monday, October 20, 2008

Paeton's 1st Sleepover

These pictures are from about a month ago...Paeton's first sleepover away from Mom and Dad. Our friends Jeremy and Krista kept her for the night so Jodi and I could have a date! Needless to say she had a great time and was in perfect hands...
Playing with Reagan.

Reagan being a good friend.

Taking a bath together.
Holding hands.
Reagan reading Paeton a goodnight story.

The morning after cuddling in bed together.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paeton's School Pictures

Paeton had her school pictures taken 2 weeks ago and they just came in. Here's how to view them:

I tried to scan one so you'd be able to see it on my blog, but I couldn't do it. Enjoy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun outfits & Mail from Jersey Grandma

Life is good in the Ulrich household! Paeton is getting bigger every day and just turning into quite the little lady. She is SO independent - she decides what she wants to do at all times and is very decisive. Two teeth have shown up in her mouth which she is very proud of and likes to show to everyone! We can tell she really wants to get on the move - she's trying to crawl but winds up just spinning in a circle or squirming up or down while on her back. We know it's coming soon though and have already started to think of ways to "baby proof" our house.

Paeton still attends Gymboree every Saturday and is soon to graduate to the next level. This means she will be in the big gym as opposed to the infant room. We're so excited but we'll be sad to leave our infant friends and their parents.

We're looking forward to the beautiful weather that has been forecasted for this weekend. Paeton's godparents are coming to visit on Sunday and we're going pumpkin picking even if it's going to be 75 degrees!

Little sassy thing, isn't she?
Fall apparel - sitting up so big on the counter top - yes we're watching her!
Just leaving for school yesterday...
Did this come in the mail for me mom?
Enjoying packages from her Jersey Grandma...always a "violet" mailing sticker :)

Leaving for school this morning - yeah for Fridays!

Friday, October 3, 2008

4 Months Old...Teething, Rice Cereal, and overall Miss.Independent!

Hi Everyone! Sorry this has taken me so long to update...whirlwind past 2 weeks! We had Paeton's 4 Month Doctor's appointment which went really well. Paeton is growing like a almost 16 pounds and 26.5 inches! 95th percentile in both categories - our little monkey is just huge! She still fits into 3 month clothing...she's just really tall with big cheeks!

Paeton is definitely movin' and groovin' these days. She NEVER wants to be laying down...the only options are sitting or standing! Apparently she's the new boss of the house....:) She even wants to stand in the bath tub - not easy. We've started her on rice cereal. After 5 days of trying, I think she finally swallowed some yesterday. Whoo hoo! Oh - and her first tooth came in - too cute!

We're having a lot of fun getting ready for Fall and Halloween. My mom graciously sent a bunch of Halloween books and clothing so we're stocked up and ready for 10/31! Thanks Mom!

Check out the pix below for recent action photos of our little darling:)

Teething is in full swing!
No - those aren't keys to one of our vehicles...just frozen ones for her to munch on!
Leaving for school last week.
Tummy Time!
Brewer game last weekend.

Picture day on Tuesday - will post the professional ones to the blog as soon as I have them!
September was an "Apple Theme" at Paeton's daycare - tons of fun!