Sunday, November 30, 2008

Elf Yourself!

Everyone has to watch this adorable video our friend Nick made for us. It's entitled "Jodi, Marlaina and the 3 Paetons". Too cute!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'll post pix from our 4 days in Oshkosh with Jodi's family soon but I had to get the link to this video on the blog asap :)

Once you click the link, just let it play on it's own. You don't need to hit "download" and pay the $4.99!!!

Thanks Nick!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making Friends :)

Here's a picture I just got from Paeton's daycare teachers - Paeton and Samantha out to lunch together!

Happy Holidays!

Here's some clips from our family photo shoot last weekend - we had SO MUCH FUN doing this! If anyone is looking for a great place to have pictures taken that's reasonably priced you have to go to Portrait Innovations. They are nationwide, you get to have your photos printed right after your shoot, no sitting fee, no outfit change fee and you get the CD of all your shots so you can print extras for cheap! Great Deal :)

Paeton at the Gym

Paeton finds a horse to play with.
Paeton playing with a ball.
Doing push ups - she tries so hard!
Back playing with the horse!

Crawling through the tunnel with her ball.

Her new friend Claire - crawling up the mat together.

Loving her mommy...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Events

Cold weather has definitely arrived in Wisconsin along with two days of flurries....sigh. Alas, the winter is here. Jodi and I both discussed that we are not ready for the winter and certainly not ready for the winter with a baby! Getting out of the house is taking longer as we all have to bundle up, warm the car and bundle Paeton hoping she doesn't pull off her boots, hat and mittens before we even leave the house! Thank goodness for our garage - I can't imagine if we had to clean off our car too once the big snow hits.

All of the pictures below are from this weekend. Friday, Paeton was decked out in Purdue gear. I tried to capture some pictures of her shirt before dinner time but it's hard to see. Saturday morning we went to Gymboree - we were all very excited because Paeton graduated (early!) to level 2 and now she's in the big gym! She was so thrilled to play on the "big girl" mats and with all the "big girl" toys. We had a great time. Unfortunately, afterwards while we were having lunch in the mall, a piece of dental work in my mouth fell out and I had to call my dentist in for an emergency visit late Saturday afternoon. We decided that it would hold up till Monday for an appointment where he could have his assistant's help. I was in a little bit of pain for the remainder of the weekend. It officially fell out completely Monday morning while I was brushing my teeth. My appointment was at 8:15 so thankfully I was able to run right over there and have it repaired. I'm still numb from my nose to my ear :(

Sunday night we played in the living room before winding down for bed time. Paeton has to have all her toys in front of her - she likes lots of options!

Enjoy the pix; some are a little fuzzy but we just consider them action shots :)

In her high chair, waiting patiently for dinner. Go Purdue!

Smiley face :)

Not so patient anymore...
Gymboree on Saturday.
Fuzzy but too cute not to share - our little turtle!
Playing with daddy.
Having a great time!
Sitting up sooooo big!

Playing airplane.

Messy girl playing w/her toys.

Shrieking with delight - daddy just made a fire in the fireplace. She loves it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Visit with Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich

Jodi, Paeton and I went to Oshkosh for the weekend to visit with Mark and Karen and celebrate them moving into their new home. We had a great time visiting with them plus many others. We stayed with Brooke (John was out of town) who was a wonderful host. We got to see Jodi's grandmother, Jodi's godparents as well as Ryan and the kiddies. Kona and Brewer went on vacation to Playtime Doggy Daycare for the weekend!
Leaving for Grandma and Grandpa's on Saturday morning.
Paeton's new headband :)
At breakfast Sunday morning - having a bottle with Grandma.
So big!
Hanging out with Grandpa for a bit.


October 31: We started off the morning dressed in Halloween casual gear to go to school. I didn't want Paeton to have to be in her costume all day.

Leaving for school Halloween morning.

Pumpkin face!

Enjoying the Halloween show at her daycare later that afternoon. P's a lobster!

Hanging out at the party with mom.

Paeton with Claudia, one of our Art Managers at Kohl's. Claudia's son goes to Paeton's daycare as well.

Paeton passed out at home after her big Halloween party.

She woke up starving!

Back in action - ready for trick or treaters!

Even lobsters poop!

Marla Meets Paeton!

I believe at the end of September, my friend Marla was in town for a Cubs vs. Brewers game. Our seats ended up being 1 section apart so we got to visit with her at the game. It was her first time meeting Paeton. Unfortunately, due to the warm weather, Paeton was not in the best of moods. However, I was so excited that Marla and little P finally got to meet.
Marla holding Paeton for the first time - of course Paeton is trying to pull her shirt up!
Marla, Paeton and I.
Marla and I out for Mexican that night.

Pumpkin Picking!

Here's some pictures of our pumpkin picking day with John and Brooke. It was almost 80 degrees!

Marlaina and Brooke in the field.

Paeton in her baby jogger picking out big and little pumpkins.

The Ulrich Family :)

Mommy making Paeton laugh in the car.

Brooke is passionate about education and will always be encouraging reading with our little P. They're enjoying a Halloween book that my mom sent from NJ.