Friday, June 26, 2009

Paeton's Accessories

Hairbows, sunglasses, cell phone....we're really in trouble!

Here's Paeton in her carseat leaving for school today. We've started to put little ponytails in her hair to keep it out of her eyes. No haircut yet!

Putting her sunglasses on and off, on and off....

Here, her sunglasses are on and she's about to call daddy on her cell...he's in MN on a business trip.
Happy Friday everyone!

Paeton's curls

Paeton's hair is starting to curl. It's hard to get a good picture of it but I definitely think she's going to have curly hair. Watch out on those humid days - it curls up so cute!

Paeton @ 13 months

Just a recent picture of Paeton enjoying pizza last night. She just turned 13 months last Saturday.

Snack for Toddler 3

Paeton's classroom has been studying 'camping' this whole week in their lesson plan. I decided to bring in a snack for all the kids yesterday that would coordinate with the theme. A lot of people like to fish when they're camping so I packaging up little baggies of goldfish and used my new Cricut to cut out fish nametags for all the kids. It turned out cute. Here's all the bags lined up and ready to go to her daycare. I'm such a mom!

Luggage for Paeton

We came home from work/daycare on Wednesday to find a big box on our front porch. It was new luggage for Paeton! I shouldn't say 'new' - this is her first piece of luggage but yes, it is new. Grandma and Grandpa Marx sent her a Disney princess piece of luggage that is just adorable. The pictures don't do it justice. We are coming to NJ in July but more importantly, we are going to Disneyworld in September so this will be perfect. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Paeton figuring out how to roll her luggage.
She wants to push it instead of pull it.
Getting frustrated....
Now she gets it! So fun!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jodi's 2nd Father's Day

Sunday was Jodi's 2nd Father's Day. He was allowed to pick what he wanted to do that day - I think he chose relaxing because we didn't do much :) Paeton and I gave daddy his gifts before church that morning. We don't do big gifts for Mother's Day/Father's Day - just sentimental ones. Paeton did give daddy a gift of napping for almost 4 hours which was wonderful. We ran a few errands afterwards and then grilled out flank steak. It was yummy!

Paeton and daddy enjoying a snack on the couch. You can't read it but her bib says 'My Dad's a Hottie" :)

The stepping stone we made for the garden.
Even George participated....
Here's a picture frame Paeton's daycare helped her to make for Jodi.

I took a picture of a picture in our house....Paeton truly is daddy's little girl.

Paeton and her cousins

This past Saturday, we drove up to Oshkosh to visit with Jodi's family. We had a cookout and played in the yard a ton. We brought with us almost every outdoor toy Paeton owns because we knew we were going to need to keep her busy all day long. The weather was beautiful and I think Paeton had a good time. She got to visit with her 3 cousins and play outside with them. I've got a new picture of Paeton and Fern posted below - the one week apart cousins. The only cousin I didn't grab a picture of was Irelyn.
Paeton wearing her "daddy approved" swimsuit. Completely clothed almost to the point of a wet suit :) She's already showing signs of loving baseball as much as her dad.
New picture of Fern and Paeton.
Paeton noticing a bug on her little car. She has to point everything out these days.
Leo, 3, riding around on Paeton's escalade.

Paeton going to Grandpa Ulrich's pond to feed the fish....again :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wirth Aquatic Center

Yesterday afternoon, we took advantage of the fab weather and headed to Wirth Park to go swimming. Paeton has shown some adversity to the water so we're trying to get her swimming has much as possible this summer. Jodi took her around in the big pool a whole bunch and after just a few minutes she was giggling like crazy and even getting her face wet.
Here she is walking into the tot pool....finally without holding onto Jodi or I!
Checking out her sun shade.
Playing with her toys.
Going down the slide....
And back up it the wrong way.
Climbing on the play gym.
Playing in the sandbox.

Princess Birthday Party

Paeton's friend Sophia turned four this weekend and had a Disney princess party. All ladies were asked to attend in princess attire. Paeton wore a white skirt with pictures of the princesses all around. And yes, I paired it with a white tank top...a one year old all in white is daring huh?! She managed to stay pretty clean but I think that's because I brought the biggest bib we own for snack time :)
Lots of games were played and everyone got to have a lot of fun on the neighbors swing set. A delicious barbeque dinner was served up and of course birthday cake was the dessert. We had a ton of fun!

Paeton running around the driveway trying to decide what to do.

Paeton and birthday girl, Princess Sophia at the craft table.
Paeton sitting at the craft table picking out what pieces to decorate her gift bag with.

Annie, The Brussow's neighbor and new friend of Paeton's, helping her to decorate her bag. Future baby-sitter in sight!
Paeton sticking out her tongue - that's the arm of a little boy invading her space!
Happy Birthday Sophia!

Seeing Triple?

Paeton, Jodi and I had dinner Friday night with our friends the Lavins who have twin boys Cole and Austin. Paeton loves playing with the boys but we all know her favorite is Cole :) Before we left for home, we stuck all three of them in the tub together for some splashing around. They had a great time together. Thanks Lavins for having us over!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Post-Op Appt w/Dr.Jensen

Paeton and I went to see Dr.Jensen yesterday afternoon for her 3 week post-op visit and it went fantastic! He felt that her palate was healing perfectly and that not much at this point could hurt it. He removed the arm restraints and he approved her to have an open diet. Paeton is not completely ready to eat everything she used to but each day there is improvement.
Dr.Jensen also told us that at the 3 week appointment he typically can predict any future operations and at this point he feels she is done! He did not see any holes or gaps in her palate but of course we know this could change. But, to hear how positive he was about her reconstruction made me so happy. Of course I cried :)
We will go back to daycare next week. Monday and Tuesday will be half days and then a full day starting Wednesday. I will return to work Wed. as well.
Thank you to everyone for your love and support during this time for our family. We couldn't have gotten through all of this without you!

Paeton waiting for Dr.Jensen to come and look at her mouth.

Trying to keep busy in the exam room.

Paeton's new explorer hat - she loves playing pretend!

Showing Dr.Jensen her hat :)

Playdate with Madelynn!

Playdates galore! It has been so wonderful visiting with friends. I know Paeton has enjoyed going to other people's homes and scoping out all of their really fun toys. Even toys that are same that she has at home seem new to her when she finds them at a friend's house. It's really funny to me.
Here's Paeton and Madelynn enjoying some time together on Wednesday. Thanks for having us over Schulzs!
Paeton and Madelynn taking a serious drink break from playing outside.
Still thirsty....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playdate at Wirth Park

Today we met up with some friends from church at Wirth Park for a playdate and picnic. Even though it is June, we are still battling with chilly weather here in Wisconsin. But we stuck it out and some sun managed to peak through by the time we were eating lunch. I am so thankful for all the playdates Paeton and I have been able to attend during this time of recovery for her. We are not normally able to do this so we feel so blessed to have this opportunity.
Paeton showing me something she found on the ground.
Paeton on the swing.
Paeton just loves to pick up mulch and stare at it.
Paeton's first time having sand on her toes.

Paeton in the sandbox.
Crawling through the tube with her tongue out.
Checking out the other children.

Back in the sandbox - her favorite place to be at the park.

Playdate at Betty Brinn's

Paeton and I went downtown yesterday to meet up with our friends Maria and Isabella. We met them almost one year ago when we joined Gymboree. The girls love to play together and Maria and I love to chat :) I had never been to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum before - it was amazing! They have a 3 and under play area which was fantastic. Here are some pix of the girls having fun.

Paeton (left) and Isabella (right) playing at the sandbox.
Paeton taking a break from the sandbox.
Paeton playing on the stairs that lead up to the train.

Paeton back at the sandbox. She loved it!
Paeton playing in the padded gym. She was sweating!

My little monkey.