Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paeton's New Chore

Paeton used to just LOVE the laundry room. Now she LOVES helping mommy in the laundry room. Check it out!

Summer Visit to NJ

Paeton and I flew home to NJ last Thursday to spend some time with my family. Each time we go home it goes so incredibly fast but we had a great time and can't wait for our next trip. It was so wonderful seeing my parents and my sister interacting with Paeton and vice versa. Paeton has grown so much since our last trip home which was in April. She was almost walking but not officially yet and definitely not speaking the way she does now. Paeton loved swimming in their pool, playing outside and shopping with Grandma :) She also told me on the way home that she loved the trip to Stewart's for ice cream with Aunt Michelle! I don't have many pictures as most are on my mom's camera. But here's a few...

Here's Paeton sitting in her stroller waiting for our flight to NJ - she brought her airplane pillow with her. It's a puppy dog.
Climbing in the play area at the Milwaukee airport.
Having fun!

Playing doctor at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Camping Trip

Last weekend we went camping with a bunch of families from our church. We had a FABULOUS time despite the cold weather and a little rain. Paeton especially had a great time. She got to play with all her little friends and share their toys with them. The food was delicious and the fellowship with our friends was so nice - we definitely felt closer to everyone after bonding in the woods for 3 days!

Paeton all bundled in the jogger as we set up camp.
Our campsite.
Paeton playing with her little friend Lilly.

Paeton and Chloe sharing a swing.

Paeton playing with the tricycle - we could barely tear her away!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paeton's 1st Swim Lesson

Yesterday was Paeton's first day of swim lessons. As you can see she was a bit nervous about the whole thing. She just had heard her name getting called and she's realizing it's time to get in the pool. That's the look she gave me....

The lesson went fine and Paeton put her entire face in the water many times which was actually better than some of the 2 and 3 year olds in the class. Our next lesson is tomorrow - we'll see how it goes!

Sunday's Brewer Game

Sunday, we attended the 1pm Brewer game with some friends from our church. With Paeton being 1 (i.e. antsy) and with it being nap time, things were a little challenging. But...we all survived and no one left the ballpark crying.
Here's Paeton sitting in daddy's lap taking it all in.
Ryan Braun is clearly her favorite :)
Taking a break from the game and playing at Bernie's Playard. She's in the pretzel.
So much fun!
Using the pretzel as a slide - so creative!
Memories - Paeton's 1st Brewer game last summer. She was 3 months (barely)!
Another Brewer game from last year - amazing how much she's grown!

Day in Chicago

On Saturday, Paeton and I went down to Chicago to visit with 2 of my sorority sisters who were in town. We decided to make a day out of it and hit the Children's Museum as well as some stores :) We had a great day and it was so good to catch up with everyone. I always think that when I see my friends that I haven't seen awhile that everyone's going to be 'so different'. Sitting in a cab with my friend Marla and little P I mentioned how crazy it is that we started college 10 years ago and met these girls - 10 years later and we're all completely the same as we were in college. It's so great. I love you ladies!
Little P - almost 14 months.
At the museum - checking out everything.
Double fisted :)
In the tree house.
Still so excited by balls.
Dropping the balls in the tunnel one by one.
Learning to share - well sort of. P was sitting here first and wanted to drive the car. This little girl kept climbing in front of. I think P was trying to kick her out :(
After having to break up the disagreement by the car, we moved on to grocery shopping.
Checking herself out at the mirror.
Sadly, I didn't capture any shots at the 'ladies lunch' - we were all starving and very focused on eating, catching up and keeping little monkey happy. Next time!

Paeton Loves to Vacuum!

Just a recent picture of Paeton helping mommy keep up with the housekeeping. Such a doll - she's waving at the camera :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking for the puppies

So...Paeton is still really obsessed with our dogs. It's really pretty cute. I had sat her on the counter to put her shoes on. In a matter of seconds she stood up and turned to the window because it was open and she could here daddy and the dogs outside. Here's some pix of her looking for the rest of the family.
Such a multitasker already - grabbing her travel bottle of bubbles while yelling for the dogs.
Where are they mom? Why aren't we outside too?
I asked her to sit down on the counter - she didn't want to. So I compromised and let her set on the shelf by the window so I could put her sandals on. Toddlers...

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Festivities

This long weekend brought us to many fun events. But I must admit, I'll pass on any parade invitations till Thanksgiving! We're still tired and recovering and I believe we all have a case of "The Mondays".
Friday evening - Paeton in her stroller at the Menomonee Falls parade. She's wearing her patriotic bracelet and waving her pinwheel.
Watching a marching band go by - the music was Paeton's favorite part of the parade.
Getting a little wild in her stroller.
Waiting for the next float to come down the parade route.
Saturday morning at the Brookfield parade - Paeton is rested and ready for action.
It was a little chilly - we've got blankets ready.
Here we are sitting waiting for the parade to start.
Bagpipes - Paeton loved them!
Crazy people on stilts and bikes.
Saturday night - Pewaukee Water Ski Show. Paeton wanted to wear her 'Crabby But Cute' hat. She was our little tomboy that night.
It was a really good show - lots of entertainment. Paeton was done with sitting in her stroller for all these parades and shows by the time the show ended. We left right away and put our little monkey to bed.
Happy 4th Everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last Sunday was Amerifest at our church. This is an event held each year to honor past and current service men and women. It's typically held around the 4th of July. What a fabulous day they planned for everyone - we had a ton of fun. We shed some tears too thinking about all the lost lives there have been for so many while serving. It was a great service and family day.
I took this picture from way up in the high seats in the back of the sanctuary. All of the current/past servicemen/women from all divisions are up on stage. I let Paeton stay in the service with me as normally she's in the nursery. There were so many great videos, patriotic music and sounds in general for her to hear. She was very focused on what was going on. It was great to have her with me.
Here's Paeton waiting to eat her lunch.
After lunch, we made our way over to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) tent to let Paeton play. Jodi served at the event so it was just the two of us and friends. Paeton found a familiar toy from home and climbed on.
There was a little sandbox for tiny trucks on the ground - Paeton wanted to sit directly in it like she's used to with her larger sandboxes.
Spinning in circles with her bubble wand.
Getting to the front of the line to pick a duck from the pool. She was so excited to play this game! (note that she's still holding the wand from the bubbles....)
Turning in her duck to see if she won a prize.