Monday, August 17, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair

We finally made it to the State Fair yesterday - the last day for 2009. We went after Paeton's nap in the afternoon. It sprinkled a little bit as we were walking in but the weather held up and we had a great time. I have to say the fair is so overstimulating. There is SO MUCH going on and SO MUCH to look at - I'm sure that everyone that went would agree.
Paeton checking out the chickens.
She was pointing out all the animals she could see.
We all agreed this cow needed to be milked.
Just hanging out at the livestock show. Is that normal to say?
Paeton couldn't focus on the camera because all the cows were walking by.
One cow even stopped to pose for a picture!
Jodi capturing the look of delight on my face when I tasted my first sip of lemonade. Yum!
Paeton and daddy enjoying their first cream puff together.
Paeton decided she wanted to feed herself.
Jodi trying to win Paeton a prize at the baseball game.
I have to also comment that I thought it would be a good idea to play the 'guess my weight' game. I stepped up to the guy, he made me turn to the side so he could get a good look and then very loudly announced 6 pounds higher than what I've been weigher on my scale at home. So embarassing - but still a highlight of our trip to the fair :)

Corn Roast

Saturday we attended my co-worker's Annual Corn Roast party. Jodi went to the Brewer game with his Dad so it was Paeton, Grandma Ulrich and I heading out to Watertown for the big bash. I, of course, packed lots of toys for Paeton to play with which all came in handy. However, the biggest entertainment for Miss.P was the the slip n' slide. She just loved that thing!

Paeton, when we first arrived, running around with her Ariel bubble maker.

Emptying out her little wagon - checking out what mommy packed for her.

Spending some good QT with Grandma Ulrich.

Taking a break and sitting in the lawn chair for a minute.

Being introduced to the slip n' slide.

Debating if she should grab the raft and run.

Checking out the water and splashing herself.

2009 Corn Roast - 15 months

2008 Corn Roast - 3 months

I love looking back at last year vs. this year - such a different child. It's incredible to see how much she's changed and grown. Can't wait for the 2010 Corn Roast Alta - thanks for a fabulous party!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mommy and P

Just showing off my haircut - I couldn't deal with the length anymore. I'd been progressively trimming it but this for sure is the shortest I've ever had my hair. Jodi was a bit shocked when I came home last night.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Purses, Pulling Up, Pointing, Pictures - It's all about P for us!

Lots of new things happening with our darling little Paeton. As I blogged earlier this week, she's totally into purses. These pictures prove no different as she was carrying around a purse my mom made her this day. We've spent a ton of time reconfiguring the house to move everything that was 'low'....higher. Well, she's caught on and she's bored with not being able to grab at anything that typically was her level or lower. She's now pulling up on everything to see higher and if that doesn't do it, she's just climbing. I found her in the sink of her kitchen bistro set yesterday when I turned my back to pull the pizza out of the oven. Help!

Just hanging out in the kitchen before school yesterday.

Demonstrating how she pulls up on my tables to see what's up there. Ooooo, candles and coasters!

Her other new favorite thing to do is stand here in front of the digital picture frame and shout out the people's names she recognizes and can say as they flip through the sequence. It's like 'Family Flashcards"! She pronounces key family members as such: "Mama, Dada, Gwam-ma, PaPa, Baby, Puppy!" Puppy includes any and all dogs she sees - not specifically Kona and Brewer. Baby is always pictures of her. We're working on it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Paeton and Sammie - 1st Sleepover

Paeton's friend Sammie spent the weekend with us while her parents had a weekend away and enjoyed themselves at a wedding in IL. Paeton couldn't have been happier having a 2-night sleepover with her little friend. She did a really good job sharing both her toys and her parents. We were a little worried but she did incredible. She was always offering Sam a toy to play with or a doll to hold. It was really cute. Sammie was such an easy toddler - hardly ever got upset and if she did it was clear she was tired or hungry. We loved having her and hope to have her come stay with us again.

After school on Friday, sitting down to dinner.

Paeton, Sammie and I fooling around.

Paeton and Sammie sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Just hanging out.

The girls in the tub.

Bathing beauties.

Sharing a toy before bed Friday night.

Laughing together at home before Gymboree Saturday morning.
Checking out each other's pigtails.

Riding on the horse together at Gymboree.

"Here Sammie, have the blue one."

Paeton learning to share her daddy during circle time.

The girls having their morning snack together at the Brookfield Square Mall.

Such a fun weekend together!

Pigtails for Paeton

I know it's hard to tell in this picture but Paeton's been sporting pigtails almost every day and it is just so cute. You'll be able to notice more in future pictures that I plan to add to the blog but just wanted to note that she's FINALLY letting me do her hair and I love it!

Paeton's Purse

Paeton is REALLY into pretend play these days - especially with purses. We had done some shopping when we were in New Jersey but we couldn't fit everything in our bag for the return trip. mom shipped us all the things we had left behind and this princess purse was one of the items. Paeton was so excited when we unpacked the box from Grandma Marx and found her long lost purse. She carried it to school that day and showed all her friends and her teacher, Ashley. Such a little princess she is.

Trip to EAA

2 weeks ago Jodi, Paeton and I went up to Oshkosh for EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association. Basically it's a huge airplane festival that takes place each year over the course of 10 days - and it's world known. Pretty cool - I had no idea. We spent the afternoon with John and Brooke checking out the airplanes and watching the air show. We had a fabulous dinner at a place at the airshow called Vintage - it was delicious. Here's some pictures from Brooke to recap our day.
Paeton, Jodi and I at EAA.
Brooke and I - we ate the most yummiest ice cream that day!
The Ladies :)
Paeton carrying her first Coach purse and wearing her first pair of skinny jeans.
Paeton says, "I'm going this way guys!!"

Paeton's godparents, John and Brooke.