Friday, October 30, 2009

Paeton loves her videos

Paeton is really into watching videos these days. We have a ritual when we come home from daycare/work each day. She climbs on the couch, requests milk and then grabs the remote and aims it at the t.v. to try to turn it on. I put on a video for her and she will sit on the couch until it's over without moving an inch. It's pretty cute and allows me to get settled in, dinner started, dogs fed, etc right when we get home.
Oh I forgot - she typically pulls her socks off while watching her videos and cuddles with a blanket.

At this point, the pizza was in the oven and I asked her if I could sit by her. Without looking at me, she tapped her hand on the seat to her right letting me know I could sit there. Thanks P.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Purdue Football

I spent last weekend at Purdue hanging out with my sorority sisters and rooting on our less than good team this year. Here's Shannon, myself and Marla sitting in the rain enjoying the 2nd quarter of the game.

Purdue marching band preparing for halftime.

Go Boilers!

The wild student section.

After the game, we stopped by our sorority house to visit. They just celebrated 'Dad's Day 2009' and this was the sheet sign hanging off the front of the house. This was especially touching to me since Paeton was spending the weekend with her daddy.

Our old stomping grounds - 201 Waldron Street. Boom Boom!

Even though I'm still catching up on sleep, it was a great weekend and so nice to see the ladies.

While mommy was away...

...Paeton and Daddy spent the weekend together. I went down to visit with my friends from college - my longest time away from Paeton since she was born. Jodi did a great job taking care of Paeton all weekend. I had no doubts - Paeton & Jodi are very close so I knew everything would go really well.
Jodi dressed Paeton in Purdue gear to support mommy's school - he even did her hair!
Jodi brought Paeton to her costume party on Saturday night to celebrate Eva (Paeton's friend) turning one. Paeton is the ladybug on the left - the one giving attitude about having to take a picture. Eva is the ladybug on the right.
Paeton and her friends - Lilly the ballerina, Calvin the cowboy, Eva the ladybug and Luke the dalmation.

The adults were asked to dress in an outfit that represented them from high school. Jodi pulled out the the #32 football jersey from a dusty box in the basement along with his old varsity jacket. It looks like they had a great time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Recap

Sunday kept us indoors almost all day just relaxing and catching up on a few things that needed to get done. This included improving our master bedroom's closet organization, straightening my crafting area, cleaning the house and helping our poor hurt dog.

Paeton is really into her Baby Einstein and Your Baby Can Read videos - she does such a good job of sitting on the couch and watching a video (or 2!) while Jodi and I get some stuff done. I just have to say I think Paeton looks a lot like me when I was little in this picture. Mom/Dad - any thoughts?

Our poor hurt dog - Kona was playing fetch with Jodi yesterday and came inside unable to walk on her left front leg. She literally layed around the house ALL DAY yesterday. We wanted to wait to see if it would go away but I think we'll be at the vet soon.

Paeton LOVES Kona so much - we managed to get Kona upstairs to our bedroom and in her bed. Paeton joined her in there and kept giving her kiss after kiss after kiss. It was so sweet.

Jodi took on the task yesterday of adding to our already installed closet organizer in our master bedroom. Paeton saw all the moving that was going on (removing summer clothes, moving in winter clothes, etc, etc) so she decided to move her bumbo chair into the closet.

Jodi did such a great job - I just left him alone upstairs to do his thing and it turned out great. I should have taken a before picture - this area was just a bar straight across. Now we have 5 shelves and 2 baskets that pull out. Jodi is going to install one more basket next weekend and then we'll be done with this section of the closet. Thanks hun!!!

Family Pictures (More!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Pictures

We took family pictures on Saturday - this is the only one I have for now but I'll share more when I get them. I'm so lucky so have this beautiful family...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Peek A Boo

Too cute!

Smile for the camera

This is the smile I've been getting recently when I ask Paeton to say cheese for the camera. I'm getting a little nervous because we have family pictures tomorrow.

She's trying so hard to smile - it's actually pretty cute.
On a side note, the pink top Paeton is wearing says 'ESPN Princess' on it - it's covered by her cardigan. Jodi made this purchase for Paeton on his own while shopping at Downtown Disney 2 weeks ago. Jodi loves when Paeton watches anything on ESPN with him including Sports Center. He's even teaching her the signature sound that show makes - it's driving me nuts! But I guess I'd rather him teach her that over picking her nose or something gross like that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Future Ballerina

Paeton has started to express that she likes dancing and tumbling so we're on the hunt for a class to get her involved in soon. She enjoys doing forward rolls and can do them on her own even though we try to intervene as much as possible because she doesn't always pick the best places to do it. She also always sits down to play with a toy and opens her legs up into almost a split to place the toy in the middle. It is absolutely adorable. My goal is to capture these amazing feats on camera this week. But for now you'll have to settle for her wearing her ballerina t-shirt and eating breakfast this morning. Waffles, blueberries and bananas are key staples for her - we're always stocked with them :)

The Ulrich Jack O' Lantern

There it is - that's our creation after diligently working Sunday afternoon on making a scary face for the front porch.
Jodi ran outside last night before Paeton's bedtime and lit the candle in our pumpkin. We bundled Paeton up and took her out there to see the Jack O' Lantern. She loved it!

This is Paeton jumping up and down with excitement for Halloween!

Super Scary!

Other decor on our front porch.

This was from earlier in the day - Paeton wanted nothing to do with baking the pumpkin seeds.

More Pumpkins

On Saturday, we ventured out in the freezing cold to pick out a pumpkin for carving. We had previously gone to Grandpa Ulrich's pumpkin patch and received lots of pumpkins for decorating. But it was so warm that day and early in the season - we knew we needed to give Paeton the full Wisconsin experience of picking a pumpkin in the brisk fall weather :)

Here she is picking out a white pumpkin and desperately trying to lift it. We learned on Saturday at the farm that white pumpkins are grown with different seeds than the orange pumpkins however, when you cut a white pumpkin open, it is orange inside. Interesting.

Paeton and Jodi walking up and down the aisles of pumpkins looking for the perfect one.

Paeton got distracted soon after we arrived to hop on one of the John Deere tricycles that were all over the farm.

She was not amused when we asked her to take pictures with the pumpkins. That's her dramatic face.

This is Paeton not wanting to touch the hay.

If she could have lifted her arms and legs up at the same time to avoid the hay, she would have.

We ended up getting one white pumpkin and one big orange pumpkin. When we were checking out, the lady farmer person (not sure what they're called) found a hole in the back of our pumpkin so she gave it to us for $3. What a steal. We figure the pumpkin won't rot because it'll freeze first in this tremendous weather we've been having. If you live in WI and check my blog, you understand.

On another note, we had all our firewood for the winter delivered to our house on Saturday while Paeton was napping. I came outside to see the truck dump all the wood in our driveway (because for some reason that's really cool even for a 28 year old to watch) and it was snowing. I just shut the door and went back to look at my Disney pictures to remember when I was complaining about being too hot last week. Sigh...