Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Oshkosh, WI this year with Jodi's Family. This is Paeton and Fern when they first saw each other this day. They are so cute together! I have to say I love the dress Paeton has on in this picture. My sister bought it for her when the Fall attire first came out at the end of the summer. She's worn it several times but I knew the minute she bought it for her, she would wear this on Thanksgiving Day. I'm so weird like that! But anyway - thanks Michelle for the fab dress!

Just a reminder - Paeton and Fern are one week apart with Fern being the elder.

Grandma Ulrich trying to get a decent picture with all 4 grandkids. Paeton didn't want anything to do with pictures.

Here's my niece Irie - she's 5 1/2 years old and a vibrant young girl. I am closest with her for sure.

Here's my nephew Leo - he's 3 1/2 years old.

And again here's Fern and Paeton playing with Grandma.
We had a wonderful day and lots of good food! We shared our home videos from our trip to Disneyworld with Jodi's parents that evening. It already seems like it's been a long time since that trip but it's only been 2 months.
We're really looking forward to the holidays this year!

Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 Downtown Milwaukee Holiday Parade

Saturday morning Paeton, Jodi and I went downtown to see the Holiday Parade - we had so much fun and the weather was beautiful!

Family Time :)

The biggest grill I've ever seen.

Paeton had the best seat in the house.

Not quite the Macy's parade in NYC - but close!

Bored and tired at the end.

Later that day, Paeton managed to pinch her ear in between the chair the dining room table. She did a good job keeping her ice pack on her ear.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bye Bye Crib

That's Lil' P scrunched up napping in her big girl bed. What happened to our little baby?! And yes...I thought having the boppy there by the 'exit' would help to lighten the fall if she tumbled out. Don't judge me on my reasoning!

Monday, November 2, 2009

She's taking over...

I turned my back for one minute find Paeton standing on my dining room table practically hanging from the light fixture. We're in trouble!

Halloween Party!

Saturday afternoon, we hosted a few of our friends and their kiddos for a pre-Trick or Treat party at our house. Menomonee Falls scheduled their 'trick or treat' from 5-8:30pm while other towns scheduled theirs in the middle of the day making it hard for those who have young children napping at that time. So...we invited those friends over to celebrate with us and it was a ton of fun. This picture shows Paeton waiting for her friends to arrive wearing her trick or treat bucket on her head. She's really into hats these days...

Calvin wondering why Baby Lincoln is always sleeping?

The Lavin twins eating some serious pizza.

Paeton also stuffing her face with pizza.

Here's the crew in front of our house getting ready to depart. Left to Right: Brooke the snow princess, Clayton the dinosaur raptor thing?, Paeton the pink flower, Austin and Cole the twin frogs, Lilly the fairy bunny princess? and Calvin the tiger. Such a cute crew.

Paeton was such a good sport about wearing this beautiful costume from her NJ grandparents. This picture will make the lineup for her wedding slideshow for sure!

First stop: our neighbors house, The Daileys. I think we were their only trick or treaters for the night.

Second stop. I just love how this picture shows off Mike's Big Mack costume.
Paeton really loved checking out her treats.

Our crew.
Making sure Paeton was warm enough.

We were an overwhelming crowd at everyone's doorstep.

Finally warming up at the Stanley's house. We tried to get all the kiddos in one shot on the staircase. It didn't work out so well...
Thanks to everyone who came over and celebrated with us - it was a ton of fun!
Happy Halloween 2009!

Paeton's Owie

Paeton jammed her finger in the door at daycare on Friday. She got her finger pretty good and keeps reminding me that it hurts and that she has this new 'owie'. We went out for bagels Saturday morning and she remembered she hurt her finger....
Singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes' in Big Apple Bagels.
Suddenly distracted by her 'owie'...

Showing mommy her 'owie'. I asked her if she wanted me to blog about it and she said she felt it was necessary to be documented.

Pumpkin Patch Party

Friday was Paeton's 'Pumpkin Patch Party' at her daycare - an event we always look forward to! Paeton had a ton of fun with her classroom friends. There was a Mad Science presentation to start off the event and then lots of yummy snacks, games to play and of course dancing! Paeton's favorite part of the event was standing in front of the bubble machine giggling and popping bubbles.

Here's Paeton before she got dressed in her costume.

Transformed into a ladybug.

Sitting nicely with her friends watching the presentation.

Reading books with her friends and their parents.

Classroom picture!

So thirsty...

Snack time. Paeton's favorite item: the cheeseballs.
Flashback from last year when Paeton was only 5 months old - she was a lobster.