Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Dog Trainer

Paeton, Kona and Brewer hang out together a lot. She loves the dogs so much and talks about them all the time. One of their mutually favorite activities is 'treat time'. Paeton knows to get out 2 dog bones and to make them sit or lay down before they can have them. Here, she's lecturing them that if they would listen the first time she told them to lay down, they would get their treat faster. I love how she raises her eyebrows when she's serious about something :)

My happy girl with the dog bones.

Working so hard with the dogs on being good.

Super Bowl Sunday

We spent Super Bowl Sunday at the Vicenik's house watching the game and eating some really good food! Paeton and their son, Matthew, had a great time playing....

and eating at the picnic table. They were so cute together.

They managed to make a big mess but it kept them busy while the adults watched the game. Thanks for having us over!

Making Valentine Cards

Paeton and I worked diligently one evening to make handmade valentine cards for her classroom friends. Paeton loves to do crafts with mom as you can see!

She was very focused on making circles.

She painted and painted and painted.

And then she moved on to coloring in her Hello Kitty book. I hung all the paintings up to dry...I made the one with the hearts on it :)

Winter Playdate

A few weeks ago, Paeton and I went over to the Lavins for a playdate with the twins and of course, to see baby Skylar. Paeton loves playing with Austin and Cole because they are just as energetic as she is. Here's the 3 kiddos breaking for lunch.

And here's baby Skylar!
Paeton LOVES babies so much. She just wanted to hold her hand and make sure she was okay when she was crying. It was too cute.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Girl

Just want to quickly comment that Paeton is getting SO BIG - where has my baby gone?

Grandpa Ulrich's 55th Birthday

This past Saturday we drove up to Oshkosh to spend some time with Jodi's parents and then celebrate Granpda Ulrich's 55th birthday. After Paeton's nap, Paeton and Grandma Ulrich worked on puzzles together, colored and baked chocolate chip cookies.

For dinner, we went to West End Pizza - a family favorite. Present were 4 sets of Ulrich families (Jodi's parents, Jodi's brother's family, Jodi's Aunt & Uncle's family and us) and Grandma Sievers - Jodi's grandmother. Paeton was so excited to see Fern (her cousin who's 1 week older) and I think Fern was equally as excited.

I LOVE this picture - Paeton and Fern totally engaged in conversation with everyone at the table but sitting there holding hands. Just precious. I think these two are going to be close :)

Paeton sharing one of her favorite books with Fern.

Paeton checking out the toy daddy won her at the arcade.

Jodi helping Paeton (left) and Fern (right) to play at the arcade. They are racing sports cars here.

Baby #2!!!!

We are excited to announce that our family is growing....Baby #2 is due to arrive the first week of August, 2010! We feel so blessed in so many ways and this is yet another reason. Paeton is very excited - well, she likes to say 'baby' all the time and she specifically likes to lift my shirt up, pull my pants down , remove the belly band and simply do whatever it takes to get to my belly and look at it. We're working on just doing this at home and not in the middle of the grocery the other day. Regardless, we're so excited for this new addition to get here!