Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Spooktacular

Paeton LOVES the carousel at the zoo.

Evan was snug as a bug in the stroller.

Me and the kiddos trick or treating at the zoo.

I LOVE the weekends and family time!

Paeton's 1st Award

Paeton won 'Most Original Costume' at the Flabbergast Halloween Party Friday night. This is her and I in the costume parade marching around so the judges could see everyone's costume. I was so excited for her. She even got a ribbon! Can't decide if that should hang in her room or go in the scrapbook? :)

Kohl's Daycare Pumpkin Patch Party

Paeton, 'The Cupcake' and Evan, 'The Giraffe'

Our Little Pumpkin

Here's Evan just before leaving for daycare last week...I love this picture of him!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Painting & Carving

Prospect Hills Pumpkin Playdate

Paeton's 1st Feeding

Paeton fed Evan this entire bottle on her own; I was so proud of her and it was a ton of help!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hartland Pumpkin Farm

Today we went to Hartland Pumpkin Farm. Paeton couldn't wait to run over to the petting zoo.

Here she is petting the goat that was sitting up on the table.

The largest turkey ever.

Paeton petting more goats.

Paeton riding on a donkey.

The kids and I in the petting zoo.

A turkey we made friends with.
Paeton talking to the huge bunny rabbit.
In the corn maze - it was endless and super hot.

Our Little Honeybee

This is Paeton's first year being able to participate in Awana, Spring Creek's Wednesday night youth group for kids of all ages. Paeton is a Honeybee this year. She loves to put on her yellow shirt and get ready to go. I asked her to read some of her library books with Kona while I got Evan ready. She did a really good job listening and waiting patiently - two concepts we've been REALLY working on :)

Halloween PJs

I went to a women's night at church on Thursday and I left Jodi with the kids, their new Halloween pajamas and the camera. Here's what they came up with.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evan's Intake

Today was Evan's intake at the Kohl's Daycare. We got to meet his teachers, see his classroom, drop off all his things and fill out lots of paperwork. This is Evan sitting in the waiting room reading a Kohl's flyer.

Here was the huge bag I brought with all his essentials: diapers, wipes, extra clothes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

McCoy Field Park

We went to a new park today and Evan had his first swing ride.

Paeton and I chatting at the park and her telling me how she didn't listen to mommy at the library :)

First Trip to the Library

I took Paeton to the Menomonee Falls Library for the first time today. We got a library card - sparkling new - and we were off to the kid's section!
Paeton loved reading all the 'Big Books' - we brought home Silly Sally.
My little reader :)