Monday, March 26, 2012

Mirror Image

Um...Paeton can write her name just fine but sometimes she chooses to write it like this.  This is how her paper came home from Sunday School yesterday.  Anybody else's child do this?  Would love some commentary.

The Bewildered Momma

More Spring Like...

Got the house looking a little more spring-like since my last post with the Christmas decor still up!
More to come...still need to get my hanging baskets up.

Spring flowers on the table.  Evan enjoys them :)
Mowed the lawn for the first time this weekend.  Looking better.  Now we just need some 'green' to fill in back there.
And my mantle is always a work in progress...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Around the yard...

Probably should take the last of the Christmas Decor down huh?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

75 in March!

What a beautiful day...75 or above today. SO amazing outside. The morning started off a little cool but by noon we were cookin'! We hit Frame Park with some friends which was a great way to spend the morning. Evan and Brady played together doing 'boy' things. Paeton and Riley played together doing 'girl' things.

Evan was really bold today - he went down multiple slides of all different heights without me.  He's never once done that on the slide in our very own backyard.  I was so proud of him.  He really enjoyed the sandbox to my dismay.  Glad we packed some shovels!  Evan left his sunhat on the entire time - 3 hours.  I couldn't believe it.

Paeton was her normal self - going 110mph the entire time.  I don't have many pictures of her because of this speed :)

Riley and Brady are great playmates for my kids.  I loved watching Riley clean her feet several times because of the sand.  Finally she just kicked off her shoes and jumped in the sand pit barefoot.  And Brady happily joined Evan in picking up mulch and tossing it everywhere.  Evan's hands were black by the time we left.

Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Family Fun Weekend #1

When Jodi gave me my Christmas gift (a year's worth of planned out date nights) he included a few family fun weekends that he was also committed to planning.  This weekend was our first for 2012 - a trip to Key Lime Cove water park in Gurnee, IL.  We had such a fun time - I loved that place!

We left late afternoon on Friday and got there at 5pm - in time for dinner at one of their restaurants.  Everyone got a yummy drink to start with.  Jodi and I ordered the onion ring stack - it was enough to feed a table of 10.  That was just our appetizer!  They had great burgers and fries...we had a good meal and left stuffed to the brim.
The day before our trip we discovered that Paeton's left ear was pretty infected. We made a quick appointment with Dr.K and got her on some strong medication. She couldn't swim the first night we were there but luckily they had plenty of other things to do there - like dominate in the arcade!!

The kids both loved this puppy ride and the cool thing was they could ride together.
Evan ruled on the dance pad!
And Paeton loved skee ball as usual.  Her percentage of balls staying on the ramp is about 50%.  Everyone quickly learns not to play next to her.
Evan and I came back to the room earlier than Paeton and Jodi on Friday night and he found a lot of joy in checking himself out in the mirror.
Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with our good friends and Evan's Godparents, The Perzs.  This is a quick pic of us before we left for the Cracker Barrel. 
When we got back, we immediately jumped into swimsuits, checked out of our room and hit the pool so we could get good seats.  We got a set of 3 chaise lounges and 2 tables - we were stoked because it's so hard to get the chaise lounges.  Paeton was completely fearless at this place.  I couldn't believe the height of the slides she would go down on her own.  I unfortunately didn't get any shots because I was on Evan duty and I felt like the camera would get wet no matter where I took it.

Evan took a great nap on one of the lounges.
I snapped a few pictures of the place from my seat while watching my baby snooze.
We finished off our trip with ice cream - SO yummy!  Paeton is clutching one of her prizes from the arcade when her and Jodi hit the JACKPOT.  She got a stuffed seal, a purple journal (complete with a lock....), a racecar for Evan and lots of candy.
When Jodi went to get the car, the kids and I ran into a balloon maker.  Paeton got a flower and Evan got a frog.  He did a good job!  He's been doing this for 41 years and he liked to chat :)
We continued our Family Fun Weekend on Sunday with a trip to the zoo. We rode the train first like always.
Paeton rode a pony for the first time this year.  She's REALLY into horses right now.

We finished off our weekend by grilling out steaks and delicious garlic bread.  Jodi had gone for a run earlier and by the time he was grilling our dinner I could tell he had gotten sunburnt. Wisconsin!  Don't doubt this state!

Thanks honey for planning a great weekend - I love your commitment to this family.