Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Evan woke up first on Christmas morning...naturally.  Why would Christmas day be any different?  It was 6:30am and Jodi took him downstairs.  Paeton had stayed up way too late in her bunk watching a movie on the iPad so she was sound asleep as was myself and Logan.  We had had some great snuggle time at 3am so we needed some extra sleep.

By 8:30am, I had gotten up and I came downstairs to form a plan with Jodi.  I didn't want Paeton to know that Evan had been downstairs (for two hours) before her and potentially played with some of her Santa toys.  I quickly cleaned up everything and put it back to the way it was set out the night before.  Evan, Jodi and I went upstairs to wake her up and then to wake Logan up.  

She was super surprised when we came downstairs...
Standing in front of Evan's loot.
 Taking pictures of three kids is SO FUN...


 Jodi and I snuck in a few photos too.

 Seeing the JOY on our children's faces is priceless.

We had a great day as a family opening presents, playing with new toys, watching movies and remembering the birth of our Savior...what is and always will be the best gift of all.

Merry CHRISTmas To All!

Christmas Eve 2012

Paeton was finally better by Christmas Eve...but now Evan was sick and Logan was showing signs of not feeling too great too.  So, Paeton and Jodi represented our family at the Christmas Eve service.

Our beautiful church and their candlelight Christmas Eve service.

After the kids were in bed, Santa did come...

Logan: 4 Months

Logan: 4 Months
Still has blue eyes (fingers crossed).
Still wears 0-3 month clothing...a few 3 month outfits are working too.
Smiles all the time.
Loves when people talk to him so he can coo back.

Sibling Comparisons:
Paeton Violet
4 Months
Evan Stephen
4 Months

Sick for Too Long

Paeton came down with a terrible fever for 7 days just before the holidays.  She missed an entire week of school and barely moved from our couch or bed the entire time.  I have to say, I did enjoy how tame my high energy little girl was during that time but I hated seeing her so uncomfortable.  

She would go from chills to sweating to chills to sweating...
 Paeton's neighbor friend Sadie dropped off a handmade card, pizza and cookies during the snowstorm.  We are continuously blessed with great friends...I was so thankful.
Willing to smile for a picture at the doctor's office.
She took a lot of baths.
 Finally feeling better...

So happy my sweet girl is back to normal again :)


Here are my favorite Instagrams or ChristmasGrams from this holiday season.  Technology is so amazing.