Monday, January 31, 2011

Ulrich Cousins

Left to Right: Fern (2yrs), Paeton (2yrs), Leo (4yrs) holding Evan (5mos), Irie (6yrs) holding Frances (7mos). The Ulrich Cousins!
The girl cousins listening to hide and seek instructions from Uncle Jodi.

Paeton and Fern getting their American Girl Bitty Babies from Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich.

Frances (left) and Evan (right) spending time together and mimicing each other.
Paeton (left) and Fern (right) playing the piano together.
Just some fun pictures of the Ulrich Cousins over the holidays that I just dug out.


Paeton takes soccer lessons on Saturday mornings through SoccerTots - she just loves it! We've really enjoyed her class and her Coach, Dustin. Paeton is doing really well at all the skills and has even scored a few goals. Now if she could just remember not to use her hands...

Happy Evan

Just a few recent pix of our very happy little man :)

Evan's New Trick

Evan has become very independent, very quickly...probably out of necessity! He is such a sweet boy who hardly ever cries and fills our home with such love.

Paeton Feeds Evan

Evan started eating cereal at 5 mos and since that day Paeton has been asking to feed him. We kept promising her that once Evan got better at eating, we'd let her feed him. Well, we finally did and she was so proud of herself!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evan's Dedication Day

We dedicated our son, Evan, last Sunday January 23, 2011. We had a great morning starting with the service at our church and a luncheon at our house immediately following. We were joined by family and friends and we definitely felt surrounded by love. Thanks everyone for all your support!