Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SP'13 Family Photos

Just a few of my faves :)

Memorial Day 2013

Special Thanks to Jodi's parents for watching our crew this weekend so we could getaway and enjoy our 6th wedding anniversary.  The kids had a great time!  Looking forward to baby Gus (grandchild #8) joining us any day now!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paeton Turns 5

This past weekend, our little girl, who's not so little anymore, turned 5.  Wow.  She picked a 'horse themed' party for the 2nd year in a row.  We found an amazing farm in Muskego, WI to host the festivities.  She invited friends from her 4k class at Willow Springs, neighborhood friends and friends from our lifegroup at Spring Creek Church.  

The birthday girl in our backyard before leaving for the farm.

We had a log cabin in the back of the farm all to ourselves.  I was able to set up some snacks, drinks, favors and have a shaded storage spot for all our belongings and presents.

Logan enjoyed sitting on the front porch of the cabin watching all of Paeton's friends arrive.

 Once everyone arrived, we started on the animal tour.  First stop was the goats.
 A few poses with Mom and Dad.

 Evan fit in with the 5 year olds just fine.  There were times he listened better than them :)
At the chicken coop, holding chickens upside down.

 Logan hanging with Grandpa Mark.
Meeting the brand new baby goat.
 Paeton LOVED the bunnies.
Waiting in line for the next activity.
 One of the moms entertaining baby Logan.

Time for the hayride!

 Most of the party guests.
 Craft time!

 I thought Paeton looked so beautiful and grown up for her party.  I kept looking over at her with such a huge, proud grin on my face.

 Singing Happy Birthday to my girl.

Logan with Jodi's parents.
The kids were playing on the tires when Pam, the wife of the farmer, yelled "PiƱata Time!!!!!"  The kids went running!

 After two rounds of kids beating up on the horse pinata, it finally broke and the kids went nuts.

 The grand finale...Paeton's horse ride.

 The weather was incredible and everyone had a great time. 

We are so blessed to call you ours.  You made us parents 5 years ago and we haven't been the same since.  You keep us on our toes, you make us so proud and you've taught us what it means to love unconditionally.  You are an amazing big sister to your brothers and we love watching you play with them and teach them new things every day.  We love you so much.
Mom & Dad