Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paeton's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday May 29, 2010 we held Paeton's 2nd Birthday Party. The theme was the 3 B's that she's currently really into: Basketball, Baby Dolls and Big Trucks. Lots of friends and family joined us at our house for a bbq and yard fun.

Paeton woke up from her nap to a house full of people - she was so excited. Here she is getting ready for her dinner.

Party favors for all the kiddos!

Paeton's friend Hannah riding on her new pink bike.

Bryce (8 yr old neighbor) taking Paeton for a ride in her jeep.

They were so cute together.

Paeton's friends, Austin & Cole (twins) having fun in the driveway.

Paeton starting to open her gifts.

Paeton was so excited to open gifts next to Baby Skylar - Austin and Cole's sister. She would open a gift and then make sure Skylar still had her pacifier in.

Here's me (ready to pop) trying to make sure all cards were read, nothing was lost and that we said thank you for each gift. Not an easy task.

Jodi stepped in to help me control the gift opening.

Paeton's friend Owen (15 mos) up close.

Paeton taking a break and Bryce encouraging her to keep opening so we could do the pinata.

Paeton taking her first swing at the basketball pinata. Funny story - Jodi has had this pinata since high school. His mom bought it for his high school graduation party. I'm not sure if she thought that a bunch of high school grads would be into hitting the pinata but nonetheless, it never got used and here we are enjoying it at Paeton's party. I've since filled her in on the type of games high school students are into :)

Jodi jumping in to help Paeton hit the pinata. That was a good swing!

They broke open the pinata on the 2nd swing and the kids went nuts.

Paeton enjoying her birthday cupcake.
So excited to be two!
Our little love.
Party Animal.
Winding down after the party with her feet up.
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Paeton's birthday with us. More than half of our guests drove over an hour from either the north or the south to come to this party. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Loving the Outdoors

Paeton has really enjoyed playing outside this month with all the fabulous weather we've had and all her new toys.

Sitting at the table in her playhouse.

Playing kitchen.

Riding on her powerwheels.

Playing with her bistro set while wearing her new bike helmet.
Here's a good view of what our garage and driveway look like when Paeton is playing. We're so happy summer is here!

Paeton Turns 2

On Thursday May 20, 2010 Paeton turned 2 years old!

She was so excited to wear her new pink '2' shirt to school to show all her friends. We brought cupcakes in for her class to have a special treat.

That evening we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Here's Paeton getting her birthday cake and ice cream.

She absolutely loved her cake and ice cream.

After dinner we came home and gave Paeton her presents. The first one was this 'new to her' powerwheels that we picked up at a rummage sale.

The second gift was this new pink tricycle from my sister Michelle.

Paeton received many gifts from friends and family which she enjoyed opening.

The third big gift she received from us was this 'new to her' playhouse that we bought from a friend.

Paeton was very excited to have her own space to play in outside. The first thing she did was climb in and wash her hands.

Paeton's Last Days of Being 1

All of these pictures were taken during Paeton's last two days of being 1 - May 18 and May 19, 2010. We can't believe we're about to have a two year old. Where has the time gone?