Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy and Paeton

Jodi took some pix of P and I this morning just before leaving for work and school. Have I mentioned I love Fall?? It's been so fun putting her in little jumpers and tights now that the weather is cooling off and the mornings are a bit chilly. Paeton is still rolling over like a champ and becoming more personable each and every day. I always tell Jodi and my friends that I will be happy no matter what her personality turns out to be - but I secretly hope she'll love scrapbooking and any sort of creative style!

Still sleepy in her bumbo chair...

One of our better pix from this morning - as you can see she loves to grab on to her clothing and most of the time wants to pull it right into her mouth :)

Mommy making her smile!

Funny faces between Paeton and Mommy!

So happy together!

Being silly

Trying to get a reaction!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Major Milestone in Paeton's Life!!!

I arrived at daycare yesterday to pick Miss.Paeton up and both of her teachers were smiling and looking nervous at the same time. I said "what's going on, is something wrong with P?". They told me that Paeton rolled completely over for the first time and then proceeded to do it several more times. They were so excited for Paeton but so nervous I'd be upset that I wasn't there to see it. I did tear up a little bit just because she's my first and I want to be there for every milestone but I wasn't upset that it happened there. She had been showing signs of rolling over for about a week but never completely made it over on her own without help. They took pictures of her rolling over and I will take pictures from home soon as well. Just for fun I added some pix below of her this morning. With her cleft palette, Paeton is very prone to ear infections. Fortunately she hasn't had one yet but we're supposed to keep hats on her whenever she goes outside to protect those precious ears of hers. That's why you'll always see her with hats on! Don't think I'm crazy!

Getting ready to leave for school - you can't see it but she has the cutest little jean skirt on :)

Checking out her daddy as he prepares her bottles for the day. Somewhat of a Santa winter hat but works and she loves to play with it because it's so long!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recap of the Weekend

Overall, we had a fun weekend even though we were as usual, very busy. Jodi and I had our very first "Date Night" since the birth of Paeton. Our friends Jeremy and Krista took Paeton for her first sleepover away from mommy and daddy. She had a wonderful time at their house and of course, they took great care of her. Their very curious daughter Reagan who loves babies and is always in "mommy mode" with her dolls, loved having her there for the night. They even took a bath together...just adorable!

Jodi and I went out for mexican food and then off to the theatre to see Dark Knight, the new batman movie. I found this movie to be quite scary but very good. We had a wonderful evening and even got to sleep in a little bit the next morning. At first, it was weird not having P with us, but after that first margarita at Jose's Blue Sombrero, I relaxed and was able to focus on my husband. I have to remind myself that Jodi was in my life before Paeton and without him, I wouldn't have Paeton. Love you honey!

We did a lot of preparation, believe it or not, for winter this weekend. We went to a local plot of land where they were selling firewood early Saturday morning and picked up a ton of wood. We try to heat the main floor of our house throughout the winter with our wood burning stove so we really needed to stock up on wood. After piling all the wood in our garage, we headed to the zoo to participate in the Diabetes walk. We walked with our team from Kohl's and then had a quick lunch before going to Paeton's Gymboree class.

Paeton has shown so much physical progress's so exciting! She is still working on rolling over and almost has it down. She still loves to stand and wants to stand ALL THE TIME! She even stretches her legs out when we're feeding her to the point that I think she'll be taking a bottle and standing at the same time pretty soon! She is also able to sit up on her own for about 5-10 seconds before tipping over. We're so proud of her! A few new things that we've able to start using with Paeton are her Jeep Jogger (so mommy can get outside and jog) and an infant swing that Jodi hung on our front porch. I will be sure to get pix of this soon!

We spent Sunday canning even though I like to call it "jarring" because all the food goes into jars, not cans. What a process this is, let me tell you. We did pickles and salsa and this took the ENTIRE DAY. I'm sure that over time, we will get faster and better at this, but for now it's a long process. We're happy to be taking on this tradition from Jodi's parents as Mark spent a lot of time with me last summer teaching me how to do this. See the pictures below for proof of our efforts!

Paeton leaving for school on Friday - she got to visit with co-workers of mine at Kohl's late that afternoon which was quite a treat!

Jodi, Paeton and I at the Diabetes walk Saturday morning - very rainy!

Paeton all bundled in her car seat ready for the walk - she's wearing a fancy hat that my boss Judi bought for her.

Starting to teeth - I can feel her bottom front teeth swelling in her gums. She enjoyed her lion teething ring straight out of the freezer.

Practicing sitting up on her own - look at her trying to balance!

Pickles right after they came out of the boiling water.

Preparing for the salsa - 15 peppers, 10 tomatoes, 5 onions and so on!

Paeton looking at us like we're crazy making all this salsa! Can't we just buy some from the store mom?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommy's never in a picture!

Everyone's always telling me that I'm never in any pictures with I made Jodi take a picture of us this morning. We took 10+ and they all turned out terrible but here's the best two I could come up with. I'll keep trying!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chilly outside already!

Jodi, Paeton and I had a wonderful weekend and actually found some time to relax...amazing how nice that is! We went to Gymboree with Paeton Saturday morning and then the Brewers game with Jodi's parents and our friends Nick and Kelly Saturday evening. I was really worried that Paeton would get extremely cranky once her bed time hit at the game but she did amazing! She fell asleep in my arms and transferred very nicely to her car seat and then to her crib.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Maxims with our friends Krista, Jeremy and Reagan. Sadly they are moving back to Tennessee at the end of the month so we're trying to spend as much time with them as possible. We know Tennessee is where they want to be so we're happy for them in that respect but we will miss them dearly :( We ran some errands after breakfast and then came home to clean the house and finally relax.

Paeton is getting so big these days...each day there is at least one article of clothing that I'm putting in the "too small" bin. She is babbling all the time, smiling lots and showing signs of rolling over which we are so excited for. Another milestone to look forward to! I've attached pictures from our weekend and from this week as she heads to school each day. We went from 90 degrees last Monday to the 40s in the morning this week...I quickly had to break out the hats, tights, sweaters and warm jackets for little P!

Paeton just waking up on Saturday morning.

Paeton playing with her "My First Teddy Bear".

Out to breakfast at our favorite spot Maxims with our dear friends, The Warrens.

Paeton is in booties and a hat that my Nana made for me when I was her age. It was chilly outside.

Paeton taking a nap Sunday afternoon with her Dad; notice I'm never sleeping in any of these pictures???!

Paeton leaving for school Monday morning...not very happy.

Do I look silly in this hat mom??? Little pink riding hood?

Paeton leaving for school Tuesday...another chilly morning.

This hat is worse than Monday's hat mom...!

An attempt to get the whole outfit interest from Paeton!

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Morning - trying to take a decent picture!

Just saying hi...not too much to report this week. It's a short week for us however it's seemed as though it has been longer than usual! Thank goodness it's Friday is all I have to say! This weekend we have a Brewers game to go to, Paeton's normal Gymboree class and hopefully....relaxing! I can't believe that summer is ending already...but I love Fall and am so excited to do "Fall Things" like apple picking, pumpkin patches, trips to the zoo with jeans and a sweater on (instead of sweating in my tank and shorts) and of course Halloween! I already have 2 costumes for little P (I know no one is surprised) and yes, she will wear both of them :) So fun!

Below you'll see my attempts this morning to take a picture of P...children can be so difficult!

Funny Face...

Sneezing and praising Jesus at the same time....

Doing a booty dance...back it up P!

All out avoiding looking at mama...

Just doesn't care anymore...

Oh well...she's still my baby and I love her!