Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunny September

The weather this month has been amazing...lots of sunny days and we've definitely been taking advantage of them.  Logan loves hanging out in the backyard and sitting in his swing.  We're so thankful for the beautiful days.

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Lilou752 said...

Hello !
I draft a regular entitled column " the scrapin'girl is... " in the french magazine called "Passion Scrapbooking".
This time, I chose the "ecologist" adjective.
I am going to show ideas of scrapbooking realized with upcycled furnitures (recycled supplies, repurposed packagings...), or with things extracted from the Nature (branches, leaves, shells..).
So we will show products and layouts which are connected with this : snow, snowmen, hot chocolates and wine, winter sports and clothes...
I wish show your creation with the wipes boxes (seen here : within this article.
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