Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Lady

Paeton is turning into such a little lady these days. She has physically changed so much in the past few weeks - at least to me. I need to find some pictures of me right before I turned 1 and see if we look anything alike besides the dark hair. I'll post some comparisons once I see what I can scrounge up!
We have 3 teeth pending by the way - one on the bottom and two on the top. I can see all three cutting through the gums as we speak. 3 at once can't be fun but honestly, Jodi and I haven't noticed any abnormal crankiness. What a trooper! Once these 3 come in, we'll be at 8 - 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.
Moving my rain boots to get into the cabinet.
Smiling at mommy. She looks so sweet but little do we know she's about to open that cabinet door and make a lot of noise with my baking pans!
Who me?

Paeton's New Apron

Here is Paeton modeling her new apron I had made for her from this fabulous website: I'm obsessed with this website - I love it so much! I'm always looking for different things to buy that show people's creativity and this site brings it all together. It's all handmade things that people are selling. I just love it!

Looking for a something to make for dinner. What do you think of this recipe mom?
I hated this recipe last time we made it - let's throw it out mom.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jodi!

Jodi turns 28 today and we're celebrating! Paeton and I surprised daddy with balloons, cake and presents yesterday since I've got to drop things off at the rummage sale tonight. We ordered in Toppers pizza and enjoyed a yummy, fattening dinner :) Friday, Jodi and I are heading to the Brewers game to continue celebrating his birthday.

Happy Birthday hun!
The birthday scene last night.
Yummy cake for the 3 of us.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Paeton's so excited :)

Spring Rummage Sale

I'm participating in a 4 Day Spring Rummage sale this weekend. I've been prepping for this for weeks - I can't wait to get these bins out of my house! I've gone through all of Paeton's clothing and sorted out what I'm keeping and what I'm willing to sell. This sale is done really, really well. But they are so specific on how the clothing needs to be prepped. The drop off is tonight and the sale goes through Saturday. All proceeds going to Paeton's 529 plan :)
Here's info on the sale if any of my Milwaukee Mom friends want to check it out - lots of good deals!

Paeton in Giraffe Print

Paeton was too funny running around in her giraffe print capris this morning before we all managed to get out of the house. She is keeper of all animals in our home. She loves to chase them, torment them and has to know where they are at all times.
Getting into my recipe cabinet.
Getting into the naughty cabinet. I'm innocent mom!
Motioning for the dogs to come in from going potty. That's William in the background!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Paeton's New Purse

My mom made Paeton this bag just before Valentine's Day ( I think...?). Paeton was using her backpack to hold snacks for the longest time but now we've switched to the messenger bag.

Leaving for school this morning.

Rainy Weekend

Unfortunately we spent a lot of time indoors this weekend because all it did was RAIN! Jodi and I went to a friend's house Saturday night for dinner and games with a bunch of couples from church. It was so much fun! We played a game called mafia - I felt right at home :) You can see pix from this event on the DeGraff's blog - it's saved in my favorites. Here's a few pix of Paeton.
Hanging out with her jumperoo for the last time - we retired this to the basement.
Making noise w/her bells.
Paeton has become obsessed with our dogs. She thinks she is the boss of them. Her new favorite thing to do is sit or stand at the back door and watch them go potty.
Here she is telling Brewer it's starting to rain again and she should come inside. Wipe your feet Brewer - mommy just mopped!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pigtails & Playing around

Paeton's hair is finally long enough for some very tiny pigtails. I can't believe she sat still for me to put these in! We had a fun time last night hanging out. Daddy was out recruiting (is that what they call beers after work in Champs these days??) so Paeton and I had some good girl time together. If you haven't hung out with Paeton in awhile, you should - she's a riot!!!!
Paeton's 1st pigtails - yup, it's documented in her baby book.
Wandering around in the house looking for trouble.
Cruising w/her sippy cup.
She's made her way to the laundry room - of course, her favorite spot.
Taking a sip.
Got milk?
My little milk face.
Trying out for American Idol - Simon, what do you think?
We are not homeless; Paeton is just in a really funky outfit combination that we threw on to go outside.
Paeton's new swing set.

Paeton in action.

Paeton climbing the stairs.

Playing outside.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paeton is 11 Months

Paeton turned 11 months yesterday which is so hard to believe - I don't know where the time has gone! She's definitely showing that she's a big girl these days. I turned my head for a second yesterday to pick up a basket of laundry and she was halfway up the stairs! She's never climbed the stairs before; not even one step! All of sudden she just did it - I couldn't believe it!
Heading up to her bedroom to play kitchen.
Our little 11 month old cruising up the stairs.
Turning around to see if mommy was still watching.

I think I held the camera incorrectly because the file is not letting me rotate the video clip. I'll work on my filming techniques for the future. But for now, enjoy the sideways video clip of Paeton cruising up the stairs. Give me a break - this was my first video clip!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back at the Zoo

We headed back to the zoo on Saturday but this time as a family. We have a zoo pass and definitely will get our money's worth this year!!! I had gone the day before after our zoo trip and bought a wagon for Paeton with this neat sun canopy for it. Jodi put it together Saturday morning after softball practice and we were off to the zoo again!
It was very warm again on Saturday - we had P covered in sunscreen and drinking lots of water/juice from her sippy cup. This is her 'outdoor face' - basically she makes this same face everytime we're outside - I think it's when it's too bright for her?
Paeton and daddy at the zoo. Paeton is such a daddy's girl.
Paeton and I posing for the camera at the zoo. She loved her new wagon!
Paeton and daddy at the jaguar exhibit. The cat was pacing back and forth behind the glass wall!

Our Little Baller

I explained to Paeton Saturday morning that mommy needed a few minutes to finish her hair before we could leave for Gymboree. She wasn't really happy with that and wanted to come in the bathroom and play. So, I found Jodi's basketball in the closet (as a last resort form of entertainment?) and gave it to her to see what she'd do.
Trying to escape from the bed.
First reaction to the basketball.
Rolling the ball back and forth against the foot board.
Playing happily - as you can see I took pictures of all this instead of doing my hair!

In the yard having fun

Here we are, back from the zoo, and playing in the yard. Sweatshirt is on as it's cooled down a bit but still really nice out. I'm sitting on a blanket watching Paeton roam the yard.

Paeton is telling me she doesn't want to wear her sun hat anymore.

Already making decisions for herself.

Paeton has abandoned the sun hat and is checking to see if the Daileys are back from Hawaii yet - still gone.

Paeton's coming home now.

Paeton has now joined me on the blanket. She just discovered this really cool bucket.....

....and her watering can. Fun times outside!

Mommy & Paeton @ The Zoo

After the powerwashing was complete on Friday, I showered, treated myself to a Jimmy Johns lunch (they just opened right up the road from us!) and picked up Paeton from daycare. We ventured to the Milwaukee Zoo and had a great time. It was so nice to spend an afternoon with her and to not be at work! The weather was amazing - we got pretty warm so we had to strip down to our tank tops and flip flops. I loved seeing Paeton's reaction to all the big animals. I know she had a good time but I could tell she didn't want to be out of my arms. She would clump a piece of my tank top up in her hand letting me know not to put her down - it was really cute!

Here's Paeton in her stroller - I just covered her in sunscreen and put her sun hat on.
People and animal watching.
Paeton's favorite exhibit of the day - the giraffes.


I took Friday off due to the beautiful weather we were having in Wisconsin and spent the morning powerwashing our deck. Jodi went the night before and picked up the powerwasher. It was WAY bigger than expected. I first did this 2 summers ago and we had borrowed our friend's powerwasher which was miniature compared to this thing. In fact, Jodi originally went to pick it up with his car and had to come home to get the truck and go back! It was so incredibly heavy - I just left it on the rocks and prayed the hose was long enough to reach all ends of the deck.
It went well even though it was tiring - I'll be staining the deck next Saturday, weather pending. This is my one outdoor project that I completely own in our household and I'm very proud of it :)