Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Princess Paeton

My sister and I had some fun with Paeton over the holidays at a picture studio. Great memories from Christmas 2008. (These are the proofs - that's why the studio's name is imprinted in the background) If anyone wants to see all of our shots, send me an e-mail and I'll give you the login info. We took a bunch of photos but these are some of the highlights. Enjoy :)

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came so fast. We had been preparing for the holiday all week long and before we knew it, Santa had arrived :)
The living room Christmas morning.
Paeton getting ready to open some gifts.

Paeton's "Little Elf' Pajamas :)
Daddy and Paeton.
Paeton got a little monkey in her stocking.

Having a great time :)
Grandma and Grandpa Marx helping Paeton open some gifts.

Aunt Michelle opening gifts.
A new vest for me :)
Family photos given to my parents by my sister and I.

Paeton getting teddy bear ornaments to decorate a tree for her room.
A new hat for little P - she loves it!

Paeton and Elmo.

Paeton and her little sheep.
Paeton and her new little backpack that Grandma Marx made for her.
Paeton is staying focused on opening gifts - still has her backpack on, bottle loaded and ready.
Paeton is having so much fun!

Break time.

The Days Before Christmas

Our trip to New Jersey (12/20 - 12/29) started off with the plane ride from Milwaukee to Philadelphia. We were not worried about Paeton flying as she's flown before and really enjoyed it. This trip was no different. She loved watching all the people in the airport hustling and bustling, struggling along with their luggage and their Christmas presents. A few families around us in line had little dogs they were traveling with which she loved as well.
Here's Paeton sitting on daddy's lap on the plane. We fed her breakfast on the plane - her high chair was the tray table :)
Taking a nap on the plane.
Once we arrived, we drove to my parent's house and Paeton immediately got to play with some of the toys my parent's keep at their house for her. She had a blast.

Riding on her little bike.

Playing in the exersaucer.

Taking a break from all that jumping.

Opening a before Christmas gift from Aunt Michelle.

Opening with her teeth :)

Banging on her new drum.

Grandma and Paeton spent a lot of time together throughout the visit. It was really hard to say good-bye.

Paeton and Grandma Marx hanging out on the couch.

Grandma Marx feeding Paeton.

We are working on weaning the bottle as Paeton must be off the bottle in order to have her palette surgery in a few months. She loves her Dora sippy cup.
Taking big sips from her cup.

Innocently showing off her belly :)

Christmas Eve day riding on her bike in the morning.

Playing with some of her toys and of course, clapping. My mom made her a holiday blanket that you get a glimpse of on the floor behind Paeton.

Drinking a bottle on Aunt Michelle's bed.
Still riding her bike - she loved that thing!

Big Snowstorm 12/19

The day before we left for NJ, we had a huge snowstorm which kept everyone in from work. I really enjoyed spending a day at home with Paeton. It was nice to get a taste of life as a stay at home mom. We finished our packing for the big trip, played a whole ton and of course snuggled. Here's the pictures of our sweet pea playing.
Taking George and her new friend 'Sam' (in the trunk) for a ride!
Posing pretty for mommy.
Enjoying her tummy time.
Close Up!
Wrestling with George :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ready, Set....Crawl???

So...Paeton is showing all the signs of taking off on those little hands and knees any day now. We're so excited for her simply for the fact that she's so excited. It's really, too cute! She's getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth and screeching with delight. We definitely think she'll crawl right into my parent's house this weekend :) Get those gates ready mom!
Up on all fours.
Spinning in circles.

Laughing at herself.

Out of breath - taking a break.
Clapping for herself when she does something good.
Lots of clapping!

Still clapping...now we're working on waving good bye :)