Monday, March 30, 2009

Daycare PTA/PTO?

I only have a 10 month old and I'm already feeling like I'm on the Daycare PTA/PTO!!!! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8 and I'm on the committee to plan all the events for the week. It is a huge project filled with lots of planning and creativity. I love it! The week is planned out similar to 'Homecoming Week' or 'Spirit Week' in High School. Here are some pictures of my first project.
I recycled some wipes containers (since we get a new one with every box of diapers we buy) and reused them for donation boxes. We are collecting all the funds for Teacher Appreciation Week and needed a place for parents to put their money. I thought these would work perfect. I just added extra cardstock and ribbons I had up in my scrapping nook and printed some labels to make things easy for everyone.
Many uses for wipes containers :)


lvlc said...

Love the way you reused the tubs! Do you have instructions on how to do it? Beautiful!

kelly said...

great idea,love it

Cher said...

this is such a cute idea! I'm going to have to adapt it and use it for lots of different things! So clever! thanks for sharing..found you from TJ.

Ashley Finfrock said...

Such a cute idea. I am also on a PTO and I'm the Box Top Coordinator. I would love you use this idea for box top containers. Did you use scrapbook paper or is it fabric that when around the bottom?