Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paeton's 1 Week Old, Our 1 Year Anniversary!

On Tuesday May 27, Paeton was one week old and we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that she's been in our life for a week already. The days literally have flown by with all the adjusting and catching up we've been doing. However, despite all the chaos in the house, Grandma Marx baby sat for us so we could go out to dinner and enjoy a meal with just the two of us in honor of our anniversary. We didn't leave till late that evening because Jodi had to work late. By the end of the meal we were both yawning and ready to go home. I have to admit, I checked my phone several times to make sure Grandma hadn't called with any problems! Jodi told me that evening I have "Mom Syndrome". I'm not sure if there's help for that!

Grandma Marx enjoying every minute with Paeton!

Celebrating our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Jodi having some snuggle time with Paeton

Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome Paeton Violet!

All I can say is what a whirlwind this past week has been! It all started Saturday night (5/17)...contractions. They continued over the course of the weekend and were so bad at times I just knew there was no way I could make it to work on Monday (5/19). I called into work that morning and tried to rest all day but the contractions just kept on coming. They peaked in intestity that night and finally at midnight Jodi and I decided to go to the hospital. After spending 5 hours in the hospital between midnight and 5am, they sent us home due to hardly any progression. I was so frustrated because my contractions were so intense and I felt completely helpless. Luckily I had my final doctor's appointment at 9am so I tried to rest for a few hours even though it seemed near impossible.

When we arrived at the doctor, my contractions were as bad as ever and I couldn't walk into the office. Jodi grabbed the nearest wheelchair to bring me in. Just as they called my name I had a very intense contraction and started crying out of frustration and sheer exhaustion. My doctor checked me right away and said the greatest words I'd heard in a long time..."You're having a baby today!"

We immediately were escorted to the Labor and Delivery wing and checked into the very same room (#12) we'd be in all night long. My dear friend Krista came right away to the hospital after bringing Kona and Brewer to the kennel and picking up lunch for Jodi. She brought magazines to read, comfy pillows from home and most importantly herself. Just having her and Jodi there with me all day helped me to focus through my contractions and rest when I could. She is truly a wonderful friend and Jodi was such an amazing coach.

In the meantime, we had booked a flight for my mom the day before to arrive that very night. Jodi called her continually from the delivery room and put her on speaker phone so she could coach me through my contractions. It was wonderful...I couldn't wait for her to get there! Unfortunately, her flight was delayed twice which didn't get her there till very late that day.

After laboring all day long, our little angel arrived at 11:28pm. She weighed 7lbs, 9.8oz and was 19.5 inches long. She had a huge mop of dark hair and the prettiest skin ever. Jodi and I were just smitten right from the first sight. Krista picked my mom up from the airport and they got back to the hospital just after she was born. We were all so tired but grandma and Krista got to sneak a peak at her for a few moments before they whisked her off to get checked out and cleaned up. At that point I was so starving after not eating all day. The nurses brought me a personal pizza which was just wonderful!

We spent the next few days in the hospital with Paeton recovering and enjoying every minute of being with her. This experience has been so completely amazing and she is worth every contraction and every sleepless night we've had so far. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Cousin for Baby Ulrich!

A new cousin for Baby Ulrich arrived today and we are so excited! Jodi's brother, Ryan, and his wife Laura gave birth to Fern Ulrich in Oshkosh, WI this afternoon. Laura and I have been pregnant for almost the exact same time....due dates that were only 11 days apart!

Ryan and Laura welcomed Baby Fern to their growing family now of 5. Included in the below pictures you will see their daughter Irelyn ("Irie") and their son Leo. May is a huge month for the Ulrich family in general. All 3 of Ryan and Laura's children have birthdays in May with Leo turning 2 and Irelyn turning 4 this month. Jodi and I have not only my birthday in May but hopefully our child's birthday and our wedding anniversary. What a great month for celebration!

I will post a "Baby Cousin" photo of the two new arrivals as soon as I cute!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Ulrich's Room - Finally Done!

This weekend brought closure to an ongoing project which seemed to last for all nine months - the baby room! As much as this project was so fun to work on, I have to admit I'm thrilled it is done and ready to go.

When we purchased our house, this room was the nursery for the former owners. The color scheme was green and yellow with the outline for the polka dots already set on the wall. We loved the accent wall but wanted to change the colors to match the bedding we picked out and that is exactly what we did. Over several weekends in the winter, we painted the walls and added the tulip accents you can see from the pictures. We slowly added the decor on the walls which includes framed pictures of my own 'art' that I made growing up. You can also see the family tree that we created and framed...just waiting for Baby Ulrich's name to be added at the very bottom.

The furniture came in piece by piece and was all put together by Jodi. I was usually on the couch with my feet up reading the directions to him! All pieces came together quite nicely with hardly any frustrated words coming from his mouth :) With the room not being very big, we knew we wanted to use the walk in closet to it's capacity. Jodi added to the existing closet system that was in place to make more shelves and storage area. We collected baskets over the course of the pregnancy to fill with all of her many essentials.

All in all, we're very happy with the room and we absolutely cannot wait for her to get here. It was a great bonding experience working on this room together and making all these decisions for our child. We've got 10 days left till our due date and we're hoping to not go past 5/22 but we know she'll come when she's good and ready. It's hard to believe she's in charge already!

Monday, May 5, 2008

2 Weeks To Go!

Now that we're married and expecting our first child (2 weeks from Thursday!), we've decided to start a blog to update all our loved ones on our growing family. We're so excited for the arrival of our baby - we can't wait to share the entire experience with everyone.

We just celebrated our 27th birthdays this past week. Overall, we kept things pretty low key but definitely enjoyed ourselves. I gave Jodi a Wii which totally surprised him and he loved it! He's been playing Mario Kart and Guitar Hero every day since he opened it. I received a new camera for my birthday and a 'kid-friendly' purse...that is, one that's much smaller that can fit in the diaper bag along with an equally small camera that I can tote around to capture all of our child's cutest moments!

This weekend kept us busy with working outside to try to get a head start on all the landscaping needs for our yard. We're trying to get a lot done before the baby comes and we're making some decent headway. I unfortunately am not much help but I'm definitely out there to support Jodi in his efforts and make fresh lemonade to keep him going! So far this spring we've stained the deck, planted some flowers, moved our vegetable garden across the yard and created a new flower garden in the backyard. We have a goal of adding a fire pit with a stone patio surrounding it by the end of the summer but we'll see if the new baby allows this to happen!