Sunday, May 31, 2009

Murder Mystery Party

Jodi and I attended a Murder Mystery 50th Surprise Party last night and a great time! We desperately needed a night out after all that's gone on with our family recently. Ms.Bobbi, Paeton's infant daycare teacher, came over to stay with Paeton which we were so blessed with. However, I realized I forgot to tell her what type of event we were attending, because when I answered the door she looked quite surprised at what I was wearing :) Here's some pix for you to enjoy.

We played the roles of Cash and Cassandra Steal. Jodi was head of a mob gang and I was his 'flirty' wife.

Here's my friend Lisa who hosted the event for her husband.

Lisa's daughter Sophia who attends the same daycare as Paeton.
Lisa and Tom Brussow

The whole murder mystery gang!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gated Community

Since being home with Paeton, I discovered very quickly that we needed some baby gates....and fast. She has been all over the house and I'm constantly worried that she's going to fall down the basement steps or climb up the steps and fall backwards. I haven't even been able to go to the bathroom without toting Paeton with me because I'm so worried about her. I guess I never noticed this before because she's only running around the house nights and weekends and we're so busy with stuff that it didn't affect us.

At a playdate this morning my friend Elizabeth said, "Well now you can tell people you live in a gated community!". I love it!

My Husband is Fab!

So...yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary and Jodi really did an amazing job letting me know how much he loves me and how supportive he is of me and our family. Things have not exactly been 'easy' since we've come home from the hospital. Paeton is not sleeping or eating well and to be honest, I'm just not used to entertaining a child all day long. But amidst all the craziness, I woke up yesterday to beautiful red roses in our bedroom. And I kept finding vases of flowers throughout the house as I went through my day. It was incredible! And each was adorned with a little note. It made me feel special all day long, even after Paeton screamed for 2 1/2 hours straight :)

I love you honey!

Flowers in the kitchen...

and in the laundry room....

and in our bedroom...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Despite Paeton's surgery and her forgiven crankiness, we had some high moments over the holiday weekend. She was clearly happy to be home not only with mommy and daddy but with her puppies. Keep in mind, we still call them puppies even though they are full grown 75lb labs :)
Hanging out on the hammock in the backyard with daddy.
Paeton picking dandelions at Lake Michigan.
She was totally in her glory running through this field picking flowers. It entertained her for almost 2 hours!
Paeton LOVES to push her own stroller around. Daddy helped to make sure she didn't steer into the lake. Sailboats were everywhere - it was a beautiful day.

This video was taken on Saturday - the day we came home from the hospital. She just wanted to swing in her swing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paeton's Homecoming

Here's some long overdue pictures of Paeton from this past Saturday. After she took a long morning nap in the hospital, she woke up as good as new!
Just waking up from a nap - ready to play :)
Playing in her hospital crib.
All smiles - even if it hurts.

Going for a walk in the hallway - she pushed George in the stroller.

Taking her stroller for a walk at Children's Hospital.

Checking out of the hospital wth all our stuff.

Paeton and George looking out the window for daddy.

Taking a big afternoon nap at home on the couch.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are home!

I will add pix later once I find where my camera bag is....let's just say we came home with a lot of stuff. We were told that as soon as Paeton was eating/drinking well and if the bleeding was under control, we would be able to go home. Well, I'd have to say that being able to leave 24 hours after a pretty major surgery is simply a miracle. What a trooper our little Paeton is.

She fell asleep on the way home from the hospital. I was exhausted as well from being up half of last night. Jodi let the two of us sleep in the car while he made stops for food, prescriptions and other necessities. We actually stayed sleeping in the car for almost 2 hours, parked in the garage. We both woke up refreshed - just a little kink in my neck :)

Paeton is enjoying a snack with daddy right now - yogurt, pudding and prunes. We need a BM soon as we're going on 48 hours without one. We're going to take the afternoon in stride and see how things go. Paeton is definitely happy to be home and to see all her toys - especially the new ones she received as birthday gifts but hasn't played with yet.

We just want to thank everyone for all the love and support we have received in this journey so far. We feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family. Special thanks to the people that have done things for us in the past 48 hours who we barely know or who have been complete strangers. It is so incredible to us how God works in mysterious ways.

The 'Happy to be home' Ulrich Family

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Evening Shift

Well, I just ended my shift of holding Paeton...she is now sleeping in her crib and doing well. The best way to describe her right now is peaceful I'd have to say. She's on her tummy with her little butt in the air - just the way she likes to sleep. Grandma Ulrich left around 5pm to go back to Oshkosh. Jodi and I just kind of looked at each other it's all us. We discussed that today did go better than we had expected. That is a good thing. It was hard...really hard....but now that we have our baby girl back, we are better. Here's how my shift went...

Paeton started to become alert again just as Grandma was leaving. We decided to bring over some friends to the rocking chair.

This was Paeton before waking up - happy in mommy's arms.

Family pic - all reunited and happy to be together.

Back to catching up with George and the little pig - they are filling Paeton in on what she missed when she was napping. Paeton can't believe she missed Days of Our Lives and Judge Judy

Paeton, George and the new teddy bear (unnamed as of right now - hospital gift from Paeton's speech pathologist, Dr.Baylis) cuddling and watching the evening news.

Getting some love from mommy.

Paeton's i.d. bracelet around her ankle.

Dr.Jensen (surgeon) came to visit and felt Paeton needed some pain meds when he watched her sip juice from her sippy cup. Paeton told afterwards that this was the worst cherry flavored stuff she had ever tasted.

Getting ready to dine on some pudding, applesauce and yogurt. At this point, she'll take whatever she can get.

I thought I'd add this list of the top items we packed for the hospital:
  • Bubbles
  • Puppets
  • Snacks
  • Blankets/Pillows from home
  • George
  • Slippers
  • Movies
  • Laptop
  • Camera

We definitely felt like we were moving in to the hospital today. But everything has been needed so far and those are our top picks as advice to others on what to bring. It has been freezing cold in our room so slippers, sweat pants, and blankets have been lifesavers.

Paeton is sleeping, the pull out hard as a rock couch is ready for us and The Godfather just began. We're set for a long night of checking vitals, putting ear drops in and anything else that might come our way.

But all in all, we are blessed and we thank God for being with us today on so many levels. God is good. Good night.

We Have Great Friends!!

Our friends, The Perz Family, did a special shout out to Paeton today on their family website. So cute! Thank you guys!

And yes....plans to set Owen and Paeton up in the future are definitely in the works :)

Settling in at the Hospital

This picture was taken about 3pm today....still resting. Grandma Ulrich, Jodi and I are taking shifts holding Paeton. I did the recovery room, Jodi took the first shift in the room and now Grandma has her. She is happiest in someone's arms.
Paeton finally showed some signs of waking up - we were so excited! The swelling has taken over a bit - cheeks and lips are getting bigger.
Here's a view of her 'arm bands'. She hasn't shown too much annoyance with them yet - but she's been sleeping most of the time so we'll see.
We gave her a little bit of apple juice - that's all she's been allowed so far. We're going on almost 24 hour with no food. She only took a few sips.
Paeton received a bravery award which we will frame for her room at home. If they didn't give her one, daddy and I certainly would have.
Paeton has been alternating during her awake time this afternoon between watching her butterfly balloon from Aunt LJ and Uncle Ryan (and cousins!) and watching Alvin and The Chipmunks. It's been so nice to see her eyes open.
Several friends have joined George in her crib. Everyone has treated us so well here at Children's Hospital. Such a blessing...

The Surgery is done

Here is Paeton this morning in the Pre-Op playroom waiting for her name to be called. She was happy as could be despite not having breakfast. She was normal Paeton - it was great.
Here's Paeton in recovery.
Here's the white board in our room - George is with us at all times.
Here's Jodi snuggling with Paeton in our room.
And here's our room.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery Day is here

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is the day we go in for Paeton's cleft palate surgery. We are completely packed and ready to go. We're expecting to be in the hospital for the entire holiday weekend - hoping to be home by Monday. Friends from church have stocked our freezer with meals for when we arrive home and will be coming to the hospital to support us throughout the weekend. We truly feel blessed in so many ways.

Please pray for us tomorrow. We have been awaiting this day for one entire year now. We can't believe it is actually here and it's time for us to be strong....not for us, but for Paeton. It is so hard. She is the reason we wake up smiling each day; she is the light in our home. We are praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses that will be performing Paeton's surgery tomorrow. We are praying for strength for Jodi and I to be there for Paeton. We are praying for Paeton to be the tough little girl she is. And we are simply asking God to be there for us.

Paeton's surgery was pushed back to start at 9:15am. We need to be there by 7:45am. She can have apple juice till 6:15am but that's it; no food after midnight tonight.

Right now, Jodi is watching the Brewers game in bed and I'm in the scrapbooking nook on the computer. Paeton has been sleeping for over 2 hours. The dogs are at the kennel. William is on the couch. I've been watching cleft palate surgery and recovery home videos on I'm not tired....

Look alike?

My aunt sent me 2 pictures of my dad and my uncle - she thinks Paeton looks like my uncle. He would be the baby in these 2 pictures - thoughts everyone? I love looking at old pictures like this - so cute!

Paeton's Birthday Party

Ok, so I'm finally adding the pictures from Paeton's birthday party at Gymboree!
Here's everyone hanging out at the beginning of the party.
This contraption was called 'The Monkey Jump'.
Sophia experiencing 'The Monkey Jump'.
Paeton crawling around.
Paeton's godparents, John and Brooke, and Grandpa Ulrich - taking it all in.
Paeton tackling her BFF Sammie when she realized she was there.
Paeton and Braeden riding in the boat together. She likes the older boys now that she's one.
Paeton and her old flame, Desmond.
Even though Desmond has moved on from Miss.P, she's still showing him that she's 'got back' :)
Mommy sitting w/Paeton during circle time. It's the only break Paeton took from running around.
Paeton and her little friends running under the parachute.
Paeton and Benny - look how nice he's sitting!
Paeton and friends enjoying their very own 'Gymbo' puppets.
Paeton trying to hula hoop.
Grandma Ulrich wiping some drool from P's face - dedication!
Grandma Ulrich helping Paeton to bounce on the air log.
Paeton sporting her party hat - notice her hands are restrained :)
Mommy sneaking the party hat on Paeton's head.
Paeton wants mommy to wear the hat.
Family Pic!
Benny giving Paeton some snuggles - notice her cupcake is gone!
Monkey face and banana cookie favors - yum, yum!