Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bike Riding

Paeton has now mastered riding her 2-wheeler without training wheels.  She is beyond proud of this accomplishment and wants to practice every.single.day.  Usually Logan is sleeping during this time but today he was awake.  We walk over to the condo parking lot and Paeton gets to practice riding her bike and Evan totters along on his trike.  Logan sat patiently in our stroller and watched his siblings.  86 degrees today; can't complain about that!

Gettin' Outside

Working on his jeep.
Horse riding.
Cleaning his windows...with the end of his putter.
 In timeout...and not happy about it.
Playing babies.
Working on a project.
Jumping rope.

We survived another winter and feel very rewarded with spring!

Music & Muffins

Jodi & Paeton
Jodi, Paeton & Baby Logan
Paeton & Mommy
Paeton & Sadie (new friend this year and close neighbor to us)
 Sadie, her Grandma & her mommy
Paeton & Mrs.Jacobs
Paeton in the Willow Springs Garden

Paeton's spring concert, Music & Muffins, was a great time.  The classes performed 5 songs with actions to go along with and then celebrated the performance with muffins and drinks.  Both Jodi and I were able to attend along with Logan.  Evan was at preschool that morning.  

We went out to lunch following the performance and Paeton got some special time with Jodi and I.  I felt so fortunate to be able to attend and to have had the extra time available to help decorate the school.   

I can't believe she's almost in Kindergarten!