Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Weekend!

This weekend started out with a trip to Gymboree. I wasn't sure if they'd even have classes for children as young as Paeton but sure enough, they do! We tested out a 0-6 month class Saturday morning and had a great time. We sang lots of songs, played with Gymbo the clown, worked on tummy time exercises including looking in a mirror and feeling different textures and ended the class with bubbles everywhere! The bubble maker they have there makes these amazing bubbles that don't pop when they land. It was so neat to see the room covered in bubbles.

After Gymboree and lunch we came home and filled up Paeton's first pool! I wanted to have a hard shell pool instead of a soft blow up one - believe it or not I found just the perfect one at PetSmart but don't tell Paeton! We sat her in her Bumbo seat and let her splash in the water. She really seemed quite disinterested - more satisfying for her was seeing how long she could stick her tongue out which although didn't provide for the best pictures was still quite cute :)

That evening, Paeton played a lot in her Jumperoo Rainforest "jumpy" seat. She gets really excited when she's in it and likes to listen to the music. The seat is a little big for her so we try to fill it up by stuffing blankets in it. So far, it's worked!

Sunday, we took Paeton to her second Brewer game. It was extremely hot and our seats, unfortunately, were in the sun. We had to keep moving around to keep her happy and out of the sun. It ended up being a blow out so we didn't mind leaving early which turned out to be best for all. Despite the weather, we still had a fun time. We sat near two other moms with little baby girls. Paeton was very intrigued by other "little people" and kept wanting to look over my shoulder to see them. Too cute!

Paeton having tummy time at Gymboree. She loved looking in the mirror!

Paeton and Daddy enjoying tummy time together.

Mega bubbles at the end of class.

Paeton loved watching all the bubbles in the room.

Paeton in her new swimming pool.

Paeton and her tongue - 50% of her pictures are with her tongue hanging out!

Paeton in her Jumperoo - Jump Jump!

Paeton and Daddy at the Brewer game.

Mommy and Paeton sitting in the big mitt at Miller Park.

All 3 of us with a few members of the Racing Sausages!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Paeton Turns 2 Months!

On Sunday July 20, Paeton turned 2 months old. We can hardly believe that two months have gone by already! Paeton now recognizes us when we hold her and loves to smile at us which makes us just melt each and every time. She will follow us in a room with her eyes if we walk away from her. She really enjoys her activity gym and has now started to kick and grab at all the dangling toys above her. She sits upright in her new seat...the baby Bumbo! The one we got even has a tray that goes with it so we can bring it to restaurants and sit her on the table with us. No more laying bored in her car seat :( Here's some pictures of her from this past Sunday - we had a great day and hardly left the house!

Daddy sleeps in Sunday morning...Paeton cuddles with him but is wide awake!

Kona loves to guard Paeton while mommy does her hair and makeup. So cute!

Paeton on her tummy looking darling :)

Our baby girl can lift her head up sooooo big!

Paeton's First Brewer Game

Recently, we took Paeton to her very first Brewer game. We were nervous to see if she'd last through a tailgate and a ballgame but she did wonderfully! We went to the game with our friends Nick and Kelly. Both Jodi's parents and Jodi's godparents were ironically at the same game as well! We had a very relaxing tailgate in the shade and an exciting game which resulted in a win for the Brew Crew.

Nick holding Paeton at the tailgate.

Paeton wearing Kelly's sunglasses during the game - it was bright outside!

Go Brewers!

11 Day Trip to New Jersey - Paeton's First Plane Ride!!

For the last 11 days of my maternity leave, Paeton and I flew to New Jersey to visit with my family. I was nervous about flying with Paeton for the first time and especially, by myself! It turned out just fine - only a few yelps on the plane to wake the sleeping passengers!

Grandpa Marx and Aunt Michelle met Paeton for the first time and got to enjoy each day with her. We did a lot of relaxing, shopping trips with Grandma and enjoyed many visitors. Jodi arrived a few days after I did and enjoyed a very fun trip to New York with my dad to see a Yankees game. He was just thrilled!

Towards the end of our trip, my parent's hosted a 'Meet Paeton' party at their house. We got to enjoy lots of quality time with friends that we hadn't seen in awhile and who hadn't met Paeton yet. We were so happy to see everyone and enjoy the summer vacation.

Paeton napping in her boppy at my parent's house.

Aunt Michelle and Paeton in the pool.

My cousin Nancy and Paeton at the Olive Garden in Princeton, NJ.

Yankee Stadium

My sorority sister Jen holding Paeton.

My friend Amanda holding Paeton at the party.