Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grandpa Ulrich's 55th Birthday

This past Saturday we drove up to Oshkosh to spend some time with Jodi's parents and then celebrate Granpda Ulrich's 55th birthday. After Paeton's nap, Paeton and Grandma Ulrich worked on puzzles together, colored and baked chocolate chip cookies.

For dinner, we went to West End Pizza - a family favorite. Present were 4 sets of Ulrich families (Jodi's parents, Jodi's brother's family, Jodi's Aunt & Uncle's family and us) and Grandma Sievers - Jodi's grandmother. Paeton was so excited to see Fern (her cousin who's 1 week older) and I think Fern was equally as excited.

I LOVE this picture - Paeton and Fern totally engaged in conversation with everyone at the table but sitting there holding hands. Just precious. I think these two are going to be close :)

Paeton sharing one of her favorite books with Fern.

Paeton checking out the toy daddy won her at the arcade.

Jodi helping Paeton (left) and Fern (right) to play at the arcade. They are racing sports cars here.

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