Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day #2

This past Sunday was Mother's Day - technically my 2nd if you don't count my first when I was still pregnant with Paeton. Jodi and Paeton had the kitchen decorately beautifully when I came down for breakfast. We had a sitter the night before who helped Paeton draw the pictures you see - so sweet of her.

Here's Paeton showing me the birdhouse she made at school for me. It's so cute!

Please keep in mind these pictures were taken at about 6:30am.
Paeton showing me the latest addition to my Willow Tree collection. I also received a 'Margarita Candle' from my son to be - I thought that was so cute since I miss an occasional margarita while being pregnant :)
And here was my request for dinner - homemade pizza. So yummy!

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