Sunday, February 20, 2011

Church Silliness

This picture deserves some explaining. Jodi had to help set up the stage after church last Sunday and we forgot to take separate cars. So, the kids and I hung out in the sanctuary waiting for Jodi to finish. Paeton found some of her friends and they all climbed in the back of this 'pontiac' bumper (a whole other story as to why that's in our sanctuary...) and pretended to drive. Paeton took the liberty of grabbing her friend Andrew and giving him a big smooch. She's a love!


Jamie said...

Awesome....I heard about that! Can't say that I blame her for laying one on my handsome son:)

Jennie Duty said...

I heard about this, too, and can't help but notice the close proximity of my daughter to Jack. Hmmmmm... Those Poelzer boys are just too charming!