Thursday, May 5, 2011

My 30th Birthday

Wow...can't believe I'm blogging about my 30th birthday...yikes! My co-workers in coordination with Jodi threw me an AMAZING surprise party last Friday night at Habaneros, my favorite Mexican restaurant. I thought Jodi and I were going out to dinner but when he couldn't get reservations till 8pm, we had to kill some time. Let's get a margarita on the way? Surprise! It was really well planned and I didn't suspect a thing. Well...except when we HAD to get the car washed on the way to the restaurant because all of sudden the mud was REALLY bothering Jodi. That was weird. Turns out we just needed to kill some time.

My actual birthday was interesting. My co-workers organized a great breakfast for myself and another co-worker of mine - she was May 2nd and I was May 3. I received 3 bouquets of flowers which have made my desk look beautiful. However, later that day, we found out that Evan was having a real hard time breathing and needed to get to a doctor asap. I spent 3 hours with him at the doctor getting breathing treatments and oxygen. We now have an at home nebulizer and he's getting treatments every 4 hours. We came home at 8pm that night to dinner and cake that Jodi and Paeton had prepared. They made my birthday so special despite all the craziness of the day.

More about Mr.Evan in my next post.

Thanks so everyone who made my birthday so special!

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Jamie said...

Happy birthday to both you and are such youngins....I am just jealous!