Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Kids

Recent pictures of the kids playing at home...Paeton Violet (2 1/2 yrs) & Evan Stephen (6 mos.)

Church Silliness

This picture deserves some explaining. Jodi had to help set up the stage after church last Sunday and we forgot to take separate cars. So, the kids and I hung out in the sanctuary waiting for Jodi to finish. Paeton found some of her friends and they all climbed in the back of this 'pontiac' bumper (a whole other story as to why that's in our sanctuary...) and pretended to drive. Paeton took the liberty of grabbing her friend Andrew and giving him a big smooch. She's a love!

Paeton Ice Skates

Jodi took Paeton ice skating at the Pettit Ice Arena for the first time 2 weeks ago while I got some work done and hung out with Evan. They had a good time and even got to watch a synchronized ice skating team practice.

Sweetheart Dance 2011

Paeton and Evan's daycare hosted the 2011 Sweetheart Dance on Friday February 11. Jodi and I attended along with a lot of the kid's friends and parents. They had cookie decorating, bubble machines, music, playdoh, crafts and more. It was a ton of fun. Paeton gave all her friends and teachers Toy Story Valentines. Fortunately, Paeton only danced with boys.

Weis/Ulrich Kiddos

While Matt and Jodi were at a conference with a bunch of guys, Gretchen and I got together with the kiddos for an afternoon of fun. Our kids played really well together and Evan even got a turn on the spinner. Paeton and Calvin (both 2) enjoyed watching Toy Story clutching Buzz and Woody. We feasted on Mexican for dinner and then we were off to put the kids to bed. Good times!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cleft Event

A few weekends ago, I was blessed to have a friend watch Evan so I could talk just Paeton to a Cleft Lip and Palate event at Children's Hospital. They served a nice lunch and had many play and craft rooms set up for the families. We also got to sit through a Q&A time with many families that have had various cases of this deformity. It was incredible to see how many people were there - probably close to 100? We had a really good time and plan to attend future events. I was so happy to meet others who are going through the same thing as us.
We Love You Paeton!

Go Pack Go!

I found this picture I had taken of a gorgeous cake that one of our managers brought in to our 'tailgate party' at work, the friday before the Packers beat the Steelers in the SuperBowl. Go Pack Go!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Angel

This picture is on Evan's Infant bulletin board at his daycare - I love it!