Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoo A La Carte

With Aunt Brooke
Paeton loves her godmother Brooke...also known to her as Aunt Brooke.  Brooke's little guy Hunter is 2 weeks away from turning one...can't believe it!
Excited to be at the zoo!
Waiting for all the mommies to take potty breaks.
Pony Ride!
Checking out the live band at Zoo A La Carte.

With Daddy
Chilly morning called for sweatshirts...I wasn't complaining.
Evan was excited to be out of the stroller today; the day before I kept in confined the whole time at the zoo in case he ran off.  He was so happy to get to climb on the fences with all the big kids because Daddy was with us today.  He really loved the Family Farm...especially the cows.
We took the kids to the Adventure Dinosaur summer exhibit.  They loved it!
This was Evan's first time getting to go in and pet the goats.  Everyone knows mommy doesn't enjoy this part of the zoo...I just wait for them at the hand washing station with lots of soap :)

I didn't take pictures of it but the food was AMAZING as usual.  This is my favorite event at the zoo every year...YUM!