Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spring Creek's Holiday Program

Today was our church's holiday children's program.  This is Paeton's 2nd year participating and my first year not crying in the pew.  Our entire family got dressed up in our holiday best to celebrate the day.  Even Logan sported a tux.  None of our pictures around the tree came out to my satisfacation but such is life with three blessings :)

Paeton sang her heart out during both services.  She has been praciticing 'Away In A Manger' for the past month.  There were days when I wished she'd find a manger to sing this song in because I thought if I heard it one more time I'd cry.  She also sang 'Christmas Bells' of which the highlight during first service was the little boy that must have thought the song was 'I Should Yell' as he screamed every word of the song like a rockstar. 

We are so blessed to have found Spring Creek Church - I can't say that enough.

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