Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ulrich Christmas 2012

 This year we celebrated Christmas with Jodi's family on December 29.  Probably sounds like a random date but that was what worked for everyone.  

Evan worked in his coloring book at the counter while conversating and watching Grandma Ulrich do dishes.

 Once the Chex Mix was brought out, most of the Ulrich men came to the kitchen like magnets.  Evan really loves Jodi's Godfather Uncle Mike; I love seeing those two interact together.

 Great Grandma Betty got to spend some time with the kids which is always fun.  They all just love her.  Logan is her 7th Great Grandchild.  
 Aunt Joan spent some time reading Paeton her first chapter book, The Perfect Pony.  Paeton loves to read and to be read to.
 Present opening is always a blast with 10 adults, 7 children and one on the way.

Cousin Leo
6.5 years old
A Skating Champ!
 The Darling Duo
Paeton & Fern
7 Days Apart, 4.5 years old, Inseparable
 The Monstrous Men
Evan & Frances
6 Weeks Apart, 2.5 years old, Love to wrestle

 Evan & Frances checking out pictures on Grandma's phone.
 Grandma & Her Boys
(Logan was sleeping)
 Grandma & Her Girls
 Jodi's Godparents & Cousin Katie
 Uncle Ryan & Aunt Laura
(Jodi's brother and sister-in-law)
 I loved sitting back watching the 2 year olds check out what they got.

 Paeton really looks up to her cousin Irie because Irie can read, write and sing very well.

 It was so cute to see little gifts under the tree this year for baby Logan. 
 What would Christmas be without some meltdowns?
 Quickly followed by a new train set that he was totally geeked about.

 Paeton got a cute new sweat outfit she had been asking for from Target.  She was so excited to put it on and head to the skate rink with her cousins.

 We had a great time and we're very thankful for all the nice presents we received.  My friend Leslie said it best on Facebook the other day when she said "Pretty sure when I open the door, everything's going to fall out".  That's how we felt on our way home :)

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