Friday, March 22, 2013

Pajama Day

Paeton had today off of school.  She considered it comparable to a national holiday. She asked if she could have a friend over, and after 8 weeks of having to tell her no because of Logan's isolation, I was finally able to tell her yes.

Her friend Allie came over for the morning.  Both Paeton and Evan were so excited and thrilled to have her here.

First, they played 'birthday party' and celebrated with a picnic of cake and ice cream.  We made crowns for everyone.  Paeton likes to plan events just like her momma.
 After the birthday party,the kids worked on a track and played with Evan's man house for a bit.
 Soon, Paeton needed her daily dose of art and the girls got started on some pictures.  Girls after my own heart.
This allowed me to make sure Logan was still smiling and change a few diapers.
 We stayed in pajamas all morning and made a brunch of chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice.  Yum.
 Paeton & Allie helped me make the batter.  They were more cute than helpful but that's okay.  Everyone's got to do their part.
I checked on my getting tired little Logan and came back to find Evan helping himself to some chocolate chips...with a spoon.  Not my best four-children-moment.
 While waiting for the pancakes to cool off, Allie asked if she could have the same hairdo as Paeton.  So we got to work on some ponies.

 After the chocolate chip pancakes, things got a little silly around here.

Checked on Logan again...going strong.
 We ended our play time with a movie.  I think they were all coming down from the sugar high. 
The kids love to have friends over so much.  I'm so happy we got to make Paeton's day off special.  

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