Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CP Camping 2013

In July, we went on our annual ChangePointe Camping trip with about 15 other families from our life group.  We absolutely love this trip each year.  Jodi and I are not big campers; in fact, if it wasn't for this group, our kids would probably never experience camping.  

Paeton & Eva
(our tent and some supplies in the background)
Logan lived in the Kelty that weekend.

Happy Baby = Happy Camping Trip
Breakfast burritos over a morning fire.
My big kids enjoying breakfast.
Evan and his 'best friend' Lincoln.  Evan became obsessed with this term over the summer.  Don't get me wrong, him and Lincoln are good friends.  But he calls his playmate of the moment, his best friend all the time.  It's kind of cute.
Hittin' the beach on our first full day.

Jodi & Paeton kayaking in the Stanley Family Kayak.

Paeton & Some Girlfriends
Evan & another best friend, Leo.
Logan and I
He was so amazing on this trip...what a trooper.
Logan's only complete meltdown of the camping trip.  We're pretty sure his friend Sullivan had something to do with it.

A beautiful grassy area and sand beach.
After a chilly overnight, we got up and started to pack things up.
And then headed to the beach for our second day of swimming.
 We let Logan 'loose' on the second day; he loved exploring the sand and water.
 Evan built castles with Lilly.
 And Paeton grew close to a new friend, Norah.
 The dads got really involved in making a huge castle area for the kids.

Our kids really enjoyed themselves.
We grabbed lunch with our friends before we took off for the 2-hour drive home.  Lots of napping occurred during that time.
Can't wait for 2014!

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