Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frame Park

Saturday morning, Jodi, Paeton and I packed up a picnic lunch and some 'park essentials' and drove to Frame Park in Waukesha. For my out of town friends and family that check this blog...that's only 20 minutes away but our car reflected a road trip comparable to going camping once we had the wagon, the cooler, the blankets, the sand toys, and the baby :)
Frame Park is an incredible park with it's fabulous playground and sandbox, water activities, wide open spaces, picnicing areas, real bathrooms and a train that goes by if you're lucky. We had a great morning playing with Paeton and spending time together as a family.

Heading down the tube slide.

Daddy's ready to catch Paeton.

Making new friends in the sandbox.

Getting some help from daddy.

Daddy showing her how it's done!

Back in the sandbox.

Mommy pushing Paeton on the swing.

Enjoying being 1!!

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