Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pewaukee Lake

On Labor Day, we took Paeton to Pewaukee Lake to play at the beach and get in probably one of our last nice days of summer. The weather was perfect - just about 80 and sunny. We packed a picnic lunch and the usual beach supplies and headed over there. Paeton had a blast to say the least. We actually had to lure her out of the water with snacks.
Checking out the water when we first arrived. Dad's assessment - cold.
For the first time in her little life, Paeton wanted to wear a sunhat and sunglasses. A true accomplishment!
Having fun with her sand toys.
We built a sandcastle as a family. That's her little pink tugboat swirling in the 'river' we built around the castle :)
Going in the water a little further with her dad.
Here's me attempting to survive in the freezing cold waters. The water temp didn't faze Paeton at all.
Wiping sand off Paeton's face.
Showing Paeton the seaweed.
Teaching Paeton how to people watch - I told her she needed her shades on for this so no one could tell she was looking. I also told her the pointing made it too obvious :)
Overall, a really fun day at the beach. We made yummy burgers and hot dogs for dinner and ate out on our deck. Paeton especially enjoyed the baked beans and sweet potato fries. Happy Labor Day!

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