Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Paeton's been with RSV (respiratory virus) for a few days now so we've been laying low at home. For the most part, her energy level has been normal except for last night when she became quite lethargic and gave us a little bit of a scare. She's had pretty high temps getting up to 104 at times. She seems to be doing better today after we made it through the night. This morning we did LOTS of coloring. I covered a portion of our island in Christmas paper turned over on it's backside. She had a lot of fun.

We've been working on making straight lines, circles and 'x's. She completely shocked me when I drew a circle, a square and a triangle and she could name all 3. I was impressed.
Hopefully she will back to normal soon. Jodi left for Tampa today and won't be back till Friday night so it's just us girls around here. Wish us luck!

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