Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Marx Visit

My parents came to visit last week for 6 days. We did a ton of fun things and it was so great seeing them with the kids. Our first stop was Kinderberg Park.
My mom got to have lots of snuggle time with Evan that day.
Paeton kept us all entertained while she ran around wild in her swimsuit...she just loves this park.
She loved showing Grandpa Marx the splashpad they have there. She kept trying to get him all wet.
Evan just relaxed the whole time.
Later that day, back at the house, Grandma Marx tried on this cape and hat that I wore when I was little. My Great Grandmother had made it for me.
One day, we took Paeton swimming at the hotel pool where my parents were staying. She was so excited.
My dad took her all around the pool and taught her all about pool safety.
Paeton did such a good job following all the rules my dad taught her.
Paeton brought her new dolly with her to the pool so she could swim too.
Another day, we went to the Country Springs Water Park for a morning of splashing around. The last time I was there with Paeton she was super shy and didn't really get into things. This time was totally different...she was so much fun to play with!
Here's my mom watching Evan while Paeton and I swam.

My parents helped us complete many projects around our house while they were here. They were so much help. It was great to spend a lot of time with them and see them with our children. We were so sad to see them leave.

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