Friday, August 27, 2010

Waiting for Grandma & Grandpa Marx poor parents are due to arrive today for a visit from NJ and their flight is delayed. So I had to figure out how to entertain the kiddos while we waited to leave for the airport. We first decided to go for a stroller ride.
Evan was thrilled to stroll around the neighborhood.
This sweet little girl turned wild halfway through our ride. She kicked off her shoes, one of which I never found and then screamed until I let her out of the stroller. She said she wanted to 'walk nicely'. Ok fine.
We got back to the house (with no shoes on and black bottomed feet from walking the neighborhood) and she informed me she needed to drive the car. Fine.
She then dragged out the step stool and started climbing. Fine.
Finally she decided to ride her bike still with no shoes on. I give up. Grandma and better get here soon!

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