Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gift from God

SO excited and blessed to create this blog entry announcing our most recent gift from God....a beautiful baby growing in my belly. 
Yes, #3 is on the way! 
 We are 15 weeks along, in the 2nd trimester and due somewhere between Sept.30 and Oct. 1st :)  I only say that because we've been quoted both dates.

Here's baby's first pic:
Here was me at 12 weeks:
A couple of questions you may ask...
Are we crazy?  Probably :)
Are we finding out what we're having? Not this time...!
Is Paeton excited? Completely stoked...she kisses and hugs the 'baby' multiple times each day.
Is Evan excited? He has no clue.
Is Jodi excited? Of Course...he can't wait to do the taxes next year!
How are you feeling? The beginning stunk, then I was feeling great and totally nesting till I got the flu.
Are you getting a minivan? Not unless Jodi's car dies...
How many bedrooms do you have? 3...we've already moved P&E in together and they love it.

I think any more questions than this are too personal and require a phone call :)


Buntrock said...

So happy for you guys! You make a hot pregnant lady:)

Gretchen said...

True dat! :)

Haust Family said...

Love that you are standing on the toilet to take that pic! ;) I feel much better now for thinking you "looked" pregnant but not wanting to assume. SO excited for you guys! What a year for the Ulrichs!

Amanda Miklos said...

Congratulations! Expect a phone call ;-)

The Hover Family said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys! I miss seeing you at work but glad I can keep up with your growing family on the blog. I literally just packed up my maternity clothes this morning for goodwill! ;)