Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Sign

While I had the flu, I found one of my notebooks from Kohl's. In the back of the notebook was an ongoing list of projects I wanted to complete around my house.  Nothing was checked off.  I decided to pick an item off the list and do soon as I wasn't sick.

So, this is it.  I had been inspired by the words on the sign from a sermon of Pastor Chip's in 2011.  I had written down these words and thought they were a perfect summary of what we believe in as Christians. 

I found the red sign at Goodwill - $4.99.  I taped off a black square and used chalkboard paint to fill it in.  Once that was dry I used a set of stamps I had to paint the words.  It took awhile.  But I really like how it turned out.  I'd love to make a second one for Pastor Chip to thank him for all he's taught me.

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