Monday, June 11, 2012

The Dollar Section Is...

...the MOST addicting part of Target...Amen?
Well besides clearance, end caps, new clothing refreshes every month, don't need my receipt to make a return, the Starbucks in the one I go to....etc.
Today, it was too hot for this pregnant momma of 2 (almost 3) to go outside.  We got our errands done early, came back home, had lunch, slept E and I tackled the vanity in the master bathroom.  I really should have taken a before picture...chaos!  And adding to the daily chaos of our bathroom was Mr.Evan.  He loves to haul his stool from his bathroom into our bathroom, climb up, and take everything out of the drawers that are underneath the vanity.  It has been a disaster zone for way too long.

I hit the Target Dollar Spot (and now some at $2.50 which always seem to be the ones I like best) for bins almost weekly.  They are such a great deal and I rarely have ones that fall apart...especially the plastic or galvanized ones.  I did this vanity makeover for $15.  Everything was $1...yay!  I have the bottom 2 shelves and Jodi has the top shelf.  Guys are so simple - 4 categories :)

If anyone wants the labels I made on my Cricut just text me...I'm always happy to share my cricut's capabilities with my friends.

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Amanda Miklos said...

I soooooo wish you could come live with me (or maybe visit for a week?!) and organize my life!!! I love your house. :-)