Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation Party - Miss.Maddie

Our super sweet neighbor Maddie graduated from Hamilton High School today - we are so happy for her but so sad knowing our favorite babysitter will be leaving us in a few short months.  We celebrated her graduation with yummy food, lots of laughs and an evening bonfire which equalled a lot of high schoolers up late in our backyard :)  As gifts to the grad, I compiled a bunch of my favorite chick flicks that I no longer watch because I'm too busy building my Disney collection of classics right now :)  I thought these would be great for the dorm room and late nights in her future sorority.  I also gave her a shower tote filled with a bunch of dorm shower necessities...we threw in some too. 

I'm not sure Jodi will remember attending this party since he was so tired from his Ragnar Race but I'm thankful he came with the kids and I to celebrate our fantastic neighbor's big day.

We love you Maddie!

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