Monday, June 3, 2013

Amanda's Bridal Shower

Saturday we celebrated my friend Amanda's upcoming nuptials with a surprise bridal shower & bachelorette overnight.  She admitted she wasn't fully surprised especially when she started seeing familiar cars in the country club parking lot.  Oh well. It was still fun to get to know the 7 other bridesmaids while we planned this special day for the past 3 months.  We did it 100% over that hotmail lumps my e-mails together, I was able to see that we sent over 100 e-mails between the group.  Wowza!

The theme for the shower was the color pink, Amanda's favorite.  We added in Amanda's love of sweets and gerber daisies too.  Amanda's mom helped us a ton with booking the location for the shower, handling all the food and drink and printing and sending invitations for us.  

The gift table.
Our pretty banner from
The beautiful hand painted pot by Mrs.Simon.
Gifts to prepare Amanda for her big day.
Mrs.Sendral (future mother-in-law) and Mrs.Honig (mother of the bride).
The yummy cake.
Our sweets bar.
Surprising the sweet Amanda!

After Amanda's shower, we took her out to dinner and rented a cool house in Lambertville, NJ to spend the night.

Here's Amanda opening up some unmentionables.  We made her guess who gave her each 'outfit' :)
Amanda & I
Friends for almost 20 years!
I can't wait for Labor Day Weekend!!

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