Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last Sunday was Amerifest at our church. This is an event held each year to honor past and current service men and women. It's typically held around the 4th of July. What a fabulous day they planned for everyone - we had a ton of fun. We shed some tears too thinking about all the lost lives there have been for so many while serving. It was a great service and family day.
I took this picture from way up in the high seats in the back of the sanctuary. All of the current/past servicemen/women from all divisions are up on stage. I let Paeton stay in the service with me as normally she's in the nursery. There were so many great videos, patriotic music and sounds in general for her to hear. She was very focused on what was going on. It was great to have her with me.
Here's Paeton waiting to eat her lunch.
After lunch, we made our way over to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) tent to let Paeton play. Jodi served at the event so it was just the two of us and friends. Paeton found a familiar toy from home and climbed on.
There was a little sandbox for tiny trucks on the ground - Paeton wanted to sit directly in it like she's used to with her larger sandboxes.
Spinning in circles with her bubble wand.
Getting to the front of the line to pick a duck from the pool. She was so excited to play this game! (note that she's still holding the wand from the bubbles....)
Turning in her duck to see if she won a prize.

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