Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd Annual Daddy/Child Camping Trip

This past Saturday morning, I bid farewell to my precious daughter and my loving husband for 24 hours to go on a daddy/child camping trip. With my increased hormones from being pregnant (at least that's what I'm blaming it on)...I was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

Paeton in her carseat surrounded by stuff.

Jodi - probably exhausted already from just getting back from a business trip.

All the 'non-cold' food I sent them with.

After a few exchanges of text messages, I knew they were there safely, had set up camp and found their friends who all had arrived the night before. Here's Jodi proving to me that Paeton took a nap :)

Their campsite.

The kid's toys.

All the tents.

Jodi and Paeton spending some quality time together.

Paeton and friends. Paeton was the youngest child on the trip.

Paeton, appearing to be happy that she's eating some food.

I love how Paeton still crosses her legs when she's sitting - she has done this since about 8 mos old.

Some of the men feeding the kiddos dinner. As you can see the rain has started and they are all taking shelter under the pop up.
Our friend Bud with about a billion kids - he's clearly surviving this trip through laughter.

Paeton - looking wet and dirty.

More kiddos!
Here's the organizer of the event - our friend Matt. I think as he stands in the middle of a puddle trying to keep the fire going, he's wondering - "Do we stay another night or head home?"

Finding fun things to do while it rains.

Still smiling, Matt encourages everyone to stay. However, only 3 men stay the final night throughout the continuous rain and cool temps - one of which was my husband. I was so thrilled when Jodi texted me the following morning that he and Paeton were okay and were coming home soon.
I think all in all, they had a great time and will definitely attend this trip next year. Thanks Matt for organizing this!

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