Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pewaukee Lake

This entry is a little outdated but 2 weeks ago when Jodi went with his parents to a wedding in Fargo, ND, my friend Brooke, Paeton and I went to Pewaukee Lake for the morning. It was very cloudy but warm.

Paeton was little unsure at first but soon warmed up to the fact that she was playing in a huge sandbox :)

Brooke took her down by the water to check it out.

Paeton LOVES Aunt Brooke.
I think Paeton was digging for something here....?

The lifeguards were raking up piles of seaweed as you can see in the background.

Even though it was cloudy, it was warm as mentioned before - Paeton needed to cool off in the water.

She got SOAKED.

She loved chasing after our BIG tennis ball and watching the other kids play in the water.

Brooke and I kept trying to get Paeton out of the water but she didn't want to come play up on the sand once she got in the water.
Finally she came out of the water and we took a very tired little girl home for nap.

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