Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zoo Trip

Yesterday, Paeton and I went to the zoo around 9am while Jodi helped a friend from church move. Jodi met up with us at 11:30 when he was done. Paeton and I visited a ton of the exihibits before Jodi got there - but we waited to go to the 'Family Farm' until he was with us. We bought food for the goats and Jodi took Paeton in to feed them. I think it's her greatest memory from the zoo trip; it's all she wants to talk about.
Picking which goat to feed.

Jodi and Paeton in the goat arena.

Feeding more goats.

Paeton really loved feeding these goats. I could barely stand the smell so I happily stood on the sidelines and took pictures.
Since Paeton really loved the goats, we've been talking about how Tori and Dean bought a baby goat for Liam and Stella - if you watch this show you know what I'm talking about. Liam and Stella have really bonded with the goat and it's so cute to watch them play with him. Jodi thinks I'm nuts...I think he'd be really mad if I brought a goat home.

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