Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Such a Great Day...

After my Monday seemed full of "don't hit your brother", "go into timeout" and "don't eat food off the floor", I knew Tuesday was going to be better.  And it was!  I think it helped that I started my day off engrossed in God's word at my amazing W.O.W. group.  I L.O.V.E. Tuesday mornings.  What a blessing.

While Evan napped, Paeton worked on playdoh ice cream treats.  She had been begging me to use her playdoh for a long time.  I don't really like playdoh.  I despise the smell of it and I loathe picking up pieces of it from my woodfloor and everywhere else in my house it gets tracked.  But the Lord filled me with grace today and I said "yes" when she asked for it.  And she played with it for a solid hour...wow.
And that hour gave me some time to work on my felt flower collection for one of the pillows I'm crafting.  I wanted an unusual color combination but I only had the packs of felt from the dollar store.  Here's what I put together...feels spring to me.
I think what helped today to be such a great day though...was the weather.  Absolutely.Beautiful.Outside.  We played and played and waited for Evan to wake up from nap and played some more.  We heard our friends the Seilers in their backyard and decided to take a walk over to their house to see what they were up to.  The kids had so much fun and I loved seeing how happy they were.  Paeton hit a bunch of shots off her tee and boy is she a swinger!  We need to find a t-ball team for her.  Evan showed me his 'cheese' face several times which I couldn't get enough of.  And thanks mom for the cupcake hat for Paeton...it continues to be her favorite.

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