Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Pool Party
We started out this very HOT 4th of July by attending a pool party at our friend's Gretchen and Matt's house.  They hosted a bunch of friends for swimming, a potluck lunch, great company and lots of splashes & laughs. 
Our family had a great time and kept cool amongst many friends.
Paeton & Evan sunbathing and swimming.  Paeton is such a fish this summer!

Jodi and Evan being funny together...saving these pictures for Evan's wedding day :)
Paeton and my friend Gretchen.  Paeton LOVES Gretchen...she talks about her all the time and loves to visit her house.  Sometimes she draws pictures of all her friends....& Gretchen :)
The cutest little boy ever.  He's resisting the urge to throw rocks in Gretchen and Matt's pond in the left picture and I think he looks like an Olympic Swimmer in the right picture.

A bunch of us keeping cool under the tent.  I think we were just finishing cupcakes (Happy Birthday Alyssa!) and popsicles. 
Beach & Fireworks
After some much needed rest (everyone slept in our house), we packed up dinner and beach supplies and headed to Pewaukee Lake for swimming (it was 105 degrees), dinner, sand play, ice cream and fireworks.  We met up with the Buntrocks and and the Weis and had such a great evening. 
Evan & Lots.Of.Seaweed
Paeton looking for fish or anything to put in her net.
Evan spotting ducks and boats in the water.
Daddy~Son Swim Time
Watching the water ski show and pretending to do what they do.
Glow Anklets, Bracelets, Necklaces, Spinners, Hula Hoops....Glow Everywhere!
Happy 4th of July!

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